Monday, 14 April 2014

March 25-26, 2014.

I was with my sister and our friends, Carol, James, and another person I can't recall the face of. We were practicing our speeches for the wedding we were going to the following week (although Carol and unknown person weren't invited/coming) in the foyer/entrance way of the house. Someone was knowing at the door, so I answered. It was this guy I graduated high school with, named Cash. (I know. You're already thinking he's a douche, aren't you?)
I'm not sure what I said or did when I answered the door, but I turned my back to him for a second and he grabbed me, and put me in the trunk of his sedan. Then, the car changes to an SUV, and from the back seat of the car looking into the trunk, he taped me up and tied me to the back seat. (There's weird logistics involved here: a steel bar going across the top of the seats where the head rests are supposed to be, which is what he tied the rope to. I hope that makes sense...) Then the car changes into a house. (Confused now? Me too.) Before Cash explains why he kidnapped me and tied me up, he presses his hand against my back and stomach and says a price. The explanation is something along the lines of he needs my help and he knew I wouldn't come willingly. He goes away when he's done talking to find a key. I get free from the rope and the tape somehow, but I stop and contemplate whether or not I should run: he's nice.
I run. I get to a neighbour's house, ring the doorbell and knock on the door frantically. A mom and her daughter are inside, finishing up lunch. She thinks about letting me in because I look scared and she doesn't want her daughter to get hurt. A mail woman is making her way up the stairs to the front door when I hear Cash come out of his house and make his way towards me, and I start to beg. Finally, the mom lets me in, exiting the house herself, and when I enter, I close and lock the door behind me. I can hear and see what's going on outside from the inside of the house, and I hear Cash walking up the outside stairs, explaining what's happening to the mail woman and the mom: he says that I'm his mom, and that I'm delusional O_O (That doesn't make any sense: he's Caucasian [actually, he's orange], and I'm Asian. ALSO, we're the same age. He's the one who's cray.)

I end up walking in to the kitchen because I hear another noise from inside the house: it's the daughter. And then, I'm scared for her, because I don't know what's going to happen.

I wake up.

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