Monday, 29 April 2013

April 28-29, 2013

1. I was on the bus, going home from school, but the route I was taking to get home was the way I usually go to go to school, not home. Anyway, there were a lot of people I knew on the bus, but I wasn't sitting next to anyone or talking, and the bus wasn't full. It was more empty. The bus was nearing a stop, and I pulled the cord, thinking that I could walk to the car/home from there. Dominic Monaghan was the bus driver, but he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. (It was the norm in the dream: criminals could drive the transit buses to take time off their sentence). I don't know why I was freaking out when I saw him, because I would in real life, but I just said thank you and walked off. When the doors closed, I saw that I forgot my green Jaguar backpack (one that I had thrown out a long time ago) on the seat. I freaked out and ran after the bus, hitting the side of the bus. The transport was going slow though, and the next stop was close to the one I got off at. I texted one of my friends, Butler, really quick, asking her to pick my bag up when she got off the bus, but she didn't get the message and I saw her walking away from the bus. I yelled her name when I approached the bus, she turned her head but she didn't say anything. The back door of the bus was open, so I got on and told the bus driver to wait as I walked to the front of the bus, but he kept driving.
This is when I woke up, and it was still early, so I dreamed another dream.

2. Our house was a crime scene: someone was slaughtered in the bigger downstairs bedroom in our house, blood everywhere on the walls, like the person that died rolled all over the walls. One of the girls I graduated with, Kim, was the suspect, and for some reason, my family and I were still living in the house. Then, Kim FB messaged or texted or called me...some kind of communication thing, and she said she was bored, and that if any of us went outside, we'd be her next victim. At least, this was implied.
And that's it.

Weird stuff.

April 27-28, 2013

I don't remember much about the two dreams I had this night.

1. I was in a subway station, watching either workers or students check in to go to work or go to school.

And then:

2. I was in a suburban neighbourhood, in a woman's house who was trying to get away from someone or a group or someones or something by getting dressed up as a cowgirl stripper.
And then I wrote that she was late for work.
Contradicting, but ok.

That's it. That was fun.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April 22-23, 2013

This is all from memory, so we gotta go quick before I lose it all!

I was in a mall, going to the top floor, which was like an expo/amphitheater type area. I was following Skrillex, because I was his intern/assistant, and he was performing at this expo/amphitheater place. Anyway, I was a few minutes behind him, but when I got to the sound stations, he was already there with the technician, spitting out some beats. I didn't like when this happened (it happened a few times before), because this usually meant that I had nothing to do, and I wasn't about to interrupt one of the best dubstep artists just to ask what he needed me to do (which was probably going to be nothing) so I just put my backpack in one of the cubby holes and walked out into the mall. When I went down the elevator to the floor below the expo, I saw my friend Perla sitting on the steps. I said hey and great to see you, because she had just come back from her SE Asia trip, and hugged. We started walking and talking about her trip and how I was. I told her about my internship with Skrillex, and how I didn't really like it but it was a high profile internship, so I wanted to stick it out. I really needed to go to the bathroom too, but Perla wanted a burger, so I told myself I could hold it and we went to the food court. Weird thing about this food court, I didn't see any places that looked familiar to me. We went to this burger place that Perla knew of, and the counters were piled with half made burgers, each cash register separated by those blinds when shops are closed. I asked Perla why they did this, and she said it was to make production go faster. We stopped in front of one of the registers, where a couple of cashiers were, and Perla ordered. I was looking at the burgers, contemplating whether I should get one, when I woke up.

I also think there was something about the church I used to go to, called Willingdon. I remember walking up the steps, but I don't know why. Maybe to catch up to Skillex, because we were there prior to the mall? Meh.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

April 19-20, 2013

It was like a video game. I can only remember the end, because it repeated itself so many times...The heroine of the game, I think, was Asian, tall, and skinny. (I watched "The Fast and The Furious" and "2 Fast 2 Furious" before I went to bed on the 19th, and many of my dream's people were the characters/actors from the movies. The heroine might have been Suki.) The goal of the game was to pass all the levels, follow how the coins were laid out to get to the next foothold, get through obstacles, and open up secret doors to get to paradise, a beachy-looking place. There was a bunch of us watching her in real life, in the game, but we also had a view like if we were playing her character in a video game. At one point, one of the spectators, wanted to get to paradise by himself. So he started doing the jumps and tricks to get to the door to get there. I don't know what happened to him. When she got to paradise, she received a pink and yellow butterfly, and it would flap its wings on her face. And that's when she/we won.

Other than that I can't remember anything else. The evil dude might have gotten to paradise, but when he got there he might've died. *shrugs*


I didn't write down the date -_- But the note I wrote down was that it was Wreck-It-Ralph-esque. Whatever that means.

April 13-14, 2013

I honestly can't remember this dream at all, and I made some notes in my phone, but I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get it. The note I did write on a piece of paper when I woke up is that it had something to do with blackberry bushes. Not the berries or the leaves, but the thorny stalks.

I might update this dream later. Sit tight.

April 11-12, 2013

I was with the Harries twins, Jack and Finn! (They're super cute, super hot identical twins that live in England, and they're YouTubers...Check 'em out if you want to die from their combined attractiveness.) They were in town visiting me, because we were good friends, but I don't think we were in my hometown. Maybe somewhere else in Europe or in the US. I was dating Finn before they came over, but we also broke up before they came for a visit. It was mutual, we realized that a long distance relationship wasn't going to work out between the two of us, but I still missed him. So it was nice seeing them when they were traveling close by. We hung out for a few days, and on one of those days, I introduced them to one of my friends. I don't know if I said her name, because I don't have any friends like her: blonde hair, blue eyes, and really sweet. I saw that Finn liked her, and they were starting to date, but I didn't think they would get serious. A year or so passed and I was in a church for Finn's wedding. He wouldn't tell me who his fiancee was, so I was surprised when my "friend" came storming in from the side of the church, wearing a hot pink grad-looking dress, all mean and, excuse my language, bitchy. I say "friend" in quotation marks because we hadn't kept in touch after I introduced her to the twins. Anyway, I assumed she turned into a brat because she found out Finn was famous on YouTube, and she wanted his money and/or she was jealous of all the attention he was getting from other girls. She kept storming around for some reason, like everything was wrong when it wasn't, fast walking away and out from the ceremony. Finn was surprisingly calm, like he knew this was going to happen or this happened a lot in the past. I couldn't believe he didn't realize what happened to his girlfriend, that she turned from a sweet girl into a monster. That's love, I suppose. Well, I wanted to help Finn with his wife-to-be, because I still loved him. I walked down a hallway of the church, which was actually a castle, or turned into a castle, and went into a room. Honestly, I was half-heartedly looking for the girl, since she didn't seem that important to me, and I really wanted to get away from all the drama for a few moments. I guess Jack had the same idea, because when I went to the window to watch the sunset over the beach, he was sitting on the sand right outside the window. He knew it was me somehow, without turning around, and started talking and asking me a lot of questions. I can't remember what he asked or what I replied with, but it made him give me that cheeky smile of his. While he was smiling at me, I realized that he liked me, before I dated his brother, while I dated his brother, and a long time after. And then I realized that I liked him too. We kept looking at each other, when I finally broke the gaze, and the silence, and said that we should probably get back. He responded that he was going to stay a little while longer, without taking his eyes off me. I said, "Ok," shyly and walked to the door. I could feel Jack's eyes on my back, but I didn't turn. When I closed the door from the hallway, I looked down the hall and saw the girl walking fast in the doorway of the hall. (I don't know how to describe's, like, the intersection of the hallway, and she was walking sideways, not facing me. If that makes sense.) Then I saw Finn chasing her, with a pleading look on his face. I went back to my seat, not wanting to waste my energy on making things better between the two of them, when Finn came out of nowhere, grabbed my arm lightly, and silently took me to the library. He wouldn't say anything on the way, and when we got there, the girl was there and Finn turned around to face me. I don't remember what happened after, but at the end of the dream, the girl became her old self, as sweet as pie, walked down the aisle, and Finn looked absolutely dashing.

I was just excited to have dreamed about those two. I'd have either <3

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April 9-10, 2013

I might've been in Hawaii, and I was inside of a luau'd out diner. Lots of little tables and chairs, the kitchen was separated by a wall with a window cut-out without the window. From the kitchen side, there was the sink, cupboards, microwave, etc in front of the wall; if you stood in front of the sink, you'd be looking out of that cut-out window spot. In front of that wall from the dining room side was the cart with all the utensils and napkins and such. I was there, standing and leaning on one of the tables behind the table where a few adults were sitting, drinking coffee, and talking. I guess I knew the owners of the restaurant, since I was there before the time to open the place up. I was watching and listening when the cook, a beautiful Hawaiian woman, and Tyler Shaw (2012 winner of Coca-Cola Covers, but here he was just a guy) walk in, say hi, and go into the kitchen. Tyler smiles at me when he walks by, I guess we were friends.
Now, I don't know where this next part takes place, either right here after the cook and Tyler walk by, or at the beginning, but I was on a suburban street. I think I was walking on the sidewalk, because I remember seeing kids running around on the empty street, their bikes on the lawns of houses nearby. They were pulling pranks on their neighbours. I was carrying a lot of little bags with me, trying to find a nice place to sit, calm myself down. I think I was getting exasperated by my mom and dad talking and yelling at me to do something with my life or something, or I just wanted to be outside on a beautiful day. Anyway, in the bags, I had a bunch of things I thought I would use/get done...Like a Wreck-It-Ralph DVD, for some reason. I found a house with a beautiful porch: flowers on the railings, wicker chairs with cushions, rocking chairs, benches, potted plants. There was a fantastical element to this house, as well as the rest of the neighbourhood. I might've been sketching at the time, when I noticed a few scattered objects on the porch floor, hand made for sale on them. I followed the trail of objects, and it led me to a fenced in backyard, with more railing flowers and a table with cushioned chairs. It was prettily arranged. And for some reason, I kept going back and forth from my seat to the backyard, like I had to. I was content after a while, walking back and forth, when I went back to the porch and ran into the kids with the bikes. One of them was really cute: half Aboriginal and half Caucasian.
I hadn't aged from this time to Hawaii, but the cute kid did: he became Tyler Shaw, really hot, and closer to my age. By the time I came out of my reverie, or whatever that was, the diner got busier, and I was sitting down, surrounded by YouTubers. I can only remember Sam Tsui and Megan Nicole being there, but I know there was more. Everyone was ordering meals and the attractive cook was swamped with making the food. Tyler was the one serving the mostly burgers from the kitchen, and Megan and another young female YouTuber kept trying to get his attention while he was at our table, and he was falling for it. I felt annoyed, because I thought he liked me. (Oh yeah, I'm still a pathetic 16 year old at heart, wanting the attention of every cutie around ^_~) I finished my delicious food and went into the kitchen to wash my own plate. I figured, since I was already back there, I could help out with the rest of the dishes, but when I got to the sink, it was basically empty. I couldn't figure out why, but I did my dish anyway. Megan was there, getting cups for our table, but ultimately trying to flirt with Tyler. While I was at the sink, Tyler was crouched down under the sink, trying to reach for something, and he touched my jean'd knee.
I should mention here that the cover of Begin Again, by Alex Goot, Megan Nicole, and The Piano Guys, was going through my head the entire time this dream was going on. I really wanted to burst out and sing it whenever Tyler/Alex Goot (he might've been there too, but I can't be sure) was around.
I should also say that most of the customers at the diner were only ordering the burgers, which were their signature dish I'm assuming. But as time wore on, the burgers were getting bigger and more outrageous. At one point, one of the people at my table (I guess I got back after my sink bit) ordered a burger, and two men had to carry the plate out from the kitchen.
Now, I thought I knew everyone in the restaurant, like the place was packed with a party for my friends/people I knew, but one of the guys who was carrying the plate I didn't recognize. When he went back to his table, one of his buddies stood up and said that the guy was an alcoholic and that he needed an intervention and a lot of prayer.
I woke up here.

April 7-8, 2013

I was driving a burkha-wearing woman somewhere.

But that's all I remember...Haha, my notes are so awesome sometimes -_-

Sunday, 7 April 2013

April 6-7, 2013

I was on an American university campus with my friend, Perla. I don't know why. But she was back from her trip to SE Asia and she was talking about it while we were walking around campus, trying to figure out where to eat for lunch. We walked a lot, going up and down lots of stairs. She was a member of a group on campus, and she wanted to check it out, possibly have lunch there. When we went up to the table to tell the coordinators her name, they told her that she needed to pay $11. And since I wasn't a member of the group, I would have to pay more. It wasn't worth it for me, so we parted ways, her going into the ballroom/gym for the lunch and me trying to find another place to eat. I walked out of the building, and found myself on a dock or a wharf of some kind, right outside the place where Perla and the rest of the group was eating lunch. Anyway, I walked along the wharf and saw what looked like ramps to get onto a boat, like on the SeaBus, a boat that goes from Vancouver to North Van where I live. I figured that they were going to go somewhere, except that Perla didn't tell me about it, so I suspected that everyone in the room having lunch were going to go somewhere without knowing. I turned around to warn my friend, except that's when I woke up.

April 4-5, 2013

It was some kind of treasure hunt with a group of guys and girls. I can't remember the exact numbers because they seemed to have changed throughout the dream. When I wrote down my notes, I said that I could see their faces in my head, but I couldn't give them names except for one, Brenda Song. Ok, so, initially, they (I was watching this all happen) were on a spaceship...or a bus, talking about how to get the treasure ie, find it individually and text each other once they found the treasure, split into groups, or go in one big group like the Goonies. I guess everyone knew each other, but there was one new guy that everyone didn't know, one of the members brought him in because he thought that his friend would be valuable in the hunt. After they got off the spaceship/bus, they went into a warehouse. Then, somehow, it turned into a school, where the first clue was hidden. Some of the team goes to the cafeteria to each lunch first, get energy for the rest of the hunt I guess, and all the girls try to get one of the guys (who's black. It's the truth, that's how the dream went, ok? Don't judge me) to go out with them, but he's either not interested or wants to focus on the job. I'd go with the not interested because that's really how he acted. Anyway, one of the girls in the group doesn't go up to him and ask him, because she says that she doesn't want to ruin her friendship with him.  She continues, saying that one day he'll see that she's what he needs and goes on to describe their first date...when everyone in the cafeteria stops talking and listens to her. Obviously, the black guy hears what she says when everyone goes quiet, looks at her, shakes his head, and walks away. The girl is disappointed in herself. Meanwhile, the members of the team who didn't get lunch are in a classroom, trying to find the first clue. Brenda finds it taped under a desk, written on a paper bag. (Apparently there's a technique for taking papers bags off from under desks, but it's hard: she ripped the bottom part of the note, and covered the bottom of the note with duct tape for some weird reason. They probably could've read the note if the bottom part was just ripped off, just piece it back together like a puzzle. Anywho.) The note kept changing states. Like, it was in shreds one minute, perfectly intact the next, readable, not readable, and so on. They try to figure out what the note says when the rest of the team comes into the room, escorted by three nerdy borgs. Everyone introduces themselves. One of the girls' names is a name of a bug, but one of the borgs didn't believe her, so one of the guys pulls out a dictionary. He finds the word and touches the word with his finger: the bug comes out of the pages. It looked like a firefly, but red, and the body was furry. It landed on my finger, flew away, then landed on my finger again. But when it flew away the second time, the bug turned towards my face and flew into my left eye, getting trapped in my eyelashes. I swiped it away in the dream and in real life, and I woke up.

April 3-4, 2013

I'm on the TV show "Grey's Anatomy" set and people, crew and actors, are everywhere. Something bad happened and Patrick Dempsey/Derek Shepherd was the main one involved.

Other than that, I don't remember what else happened. I know that I liked the dream, and that I remembered some more details when I opened my eyes after the dream, but I didn't write down those thoughts right after I opened my eyes, which makes this dream a lot less entertaining to type than I thought it would be.

I could be just adding non-related details to the dream, now, but the dream was like a murder mystery in that there was lot of questioning other doctors/nurses/crew members (I can't remember if this was part of the show or outside of the show, like during breaks of filming) and running around the "hospital."

March 27-28, 2013

Sorry for not posting these days guys: I've had dreams but I've been too lazy to get my notes down to my laptop and type them out >< But I'm here now, so let's get this started.

I'm at Hope Bay. The camp director, Dustin died, but I don't know how. I might have been told during the dream but I can't remember. A few other staff, Dustin's kids, and I are coming back from the Nu-To-Yu, a second hand store on the island, and as we approach the kids' house, they run to their mom, Christy. She's visibly sad, really wanting to cry, but she's trying to hold it together, not wanting to upset the kids. We hang out at her house for a bit, when I decide to go into the dining hall/kitchen...and I stand there for a minute then walk out. (I have no idea what happened. I probably did want to do something, but I forgot what when I got there. Typical me.) I'm walking back to Christy's house, when someone stops me on the way, telling me that Ken, the facilities manager, died in a really bad car accident.

I don't remember what happened after, if the dream continued or my reaction to that news or my waking up...Yeah, I don't remember when I woke up. Strange.
Now that I think about it though, those two deaths would be a really hard blow for the camp, and I would probably be depressed for a while.