Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January 27-28, 2014

Also, it's weird to type in "2014" now...
  1. I'm on a date with a celebrity, possibly Tom Hiddleston (my current, hardcore celebrity crush at the moment). We're walking on an LA boardwalk, hand in hand. At one point, we walk by a restaurant that has tables on the walkway, and instead of walking around the tables, we decide to step up onto the table tops. Tom stops stepping up and instead helps me up for the next few tables. I get winded after the last table that's in our way (embarrassingly, but charmingly), and when I come down from the table, I cradle my head into his shoulder and he holds me for a moment. We encounter a waitress for the restaurant closer to the end of the tables; she's Aboriginal and overweight. Tom makes fun conversation and she's happy. In return, she tells us something wise, which I don't remember.
  2. I walk into a Japanese restaurant with Eric, a guy who has been in multiple French classes with me, and someone not from university (I'm surprised that they know each other). However, this restaurant does not serve sushi. The layout of the room is very different, but it's pleasant: like a bakery in the front, display cases to the left of the door, the cash register beside the display cases after a space for the employee to walk from the kitchen behind the display cases to in front of the cases, tables and chairs on the wall in front of the door, and then private "rooms" for bigger parties. Anyway, we order food, which is already prepared and just needs to be plated. It all looks good, so we sit down.
  3. I'm in a convertible, either the driver or the passenger. Scenery looks like Sechelt. Wind is blowing through my hair.
  4. In a church service, Catholic-like. I've had this dream when I was younger, but it's different now. After the service, 4 kids including myself will meet after everyone has left to see a commentary about the message. We wait a long time before we go into the secret room for this commentary, and even when we go inside the room, there are still people/one person in the sanctuary of the church. The secret room is smaller and more disgusting than I remember: it's a dining room and a bathroom. Try to start the video, but I'm uncomfortable unlike the 3 others who make themselves at home right away. In the past, when I dreamed this, I was comfortable as well and it was a pleasant time. (I think maybe because I've grown, I'm older when I dream this so I must have grown taller/bigger.) I remember from before that the there is one part of the commentary that is my favourite, but I can't remember which part it was.

The Dates 2

SEE WHAT I MEAN??? Somewhere in the consecutive dates part (the 5-6, 7-8, something or other) is a wrong thing. I know that the 24-25 is January though, because I had written that one recently. And the one that's after this post is January also. AGH, it's wrong, I know it, but I don't know how to fix it...It's gonna bother me til the end of time...

January 24-25, 2014

My mom, my sister, and I were at the library, but it looked like Chapters. There was a *huge* selection of DVDs, so we got the maximum amount we could get for my mom's and my card. But we wanted to borrow more. Unfortunately, something was wrong with Faith's card: because the contact information was wrong (the phone number; it was completely different from any of the home phone numbers we've had in the past) and the librarian couldn't be sure if Faith was the actual owner of the card, she couldn't use the card and/or change the contact information and the PIN.

Sad and weird.

December 15-16, 2013

A couple of my friends, Ceara and Darian, planned a week camping trip before the start of school in September, and Ceara invited me. The plan was to fill 2 cars with people and supplies, and drive to the destination, spending one night at someone's house before leaving the next morning. Most of the people were from our high school, plus this kid from Kamloops I met at camp (Nathaniel aka Nat) and a girl from one of my French classes (331, don't know her name and don't remember her face in the dream. I think she was blonde and blue-eyed...). We played truth or dare the night before we left. In the morning, I got into Nat's car with the girl from my class and another guy.
And then something about a towel closet at my house.

Even in my notes I forgot what happened between getting in the car and the towel closet XD

December 13-14, 2013

I believe I'm observing this dream at the beginning...

Kevin McAllister from Home Alone was manning a strange looking concession stand at a movie theatre. (By strange, I mean one of those street vendor type deals, ones that are built into the building.) Buzz comes by, but they don't know each other; Kevin still doesn't like him though, and tries to gross him out with the food, something about BBQ sauce and Dr. Pepper...Then, I, as a dude, go up to the stand and get popcorn and a cupcake.

December 9-10, 2013

  1. At church, a small and intimate worship service. Chelsey (a girl my age from high school), Emma, and Jillian (girls my sister's age from high school) were there, because Chelsey had become a devout Christian since her current relationship with a guy. I remember feeling disgusted by her because she was just being fake, putting on a persona/a mask to be with the guy. At the end of the service, Mom got mad with my sister and I, so we had to walk home. I thought cutting through the church would take 30 minutes off of our commute, but when we tried to do so, the doors of the church were locked. So, we decided to hop a fence beside the church, so that no one trespassed, to get what we wanted.
  2. I was on a road trip with my dad and my sister. In the car, we each had personal heaters set to our personal temperature preferences. Our final destination would be a carnival and water park that was located beside Splashdown in Tsawwassen. It looked like we were driving through Pender or Sechelt roads though. Once we arrived at the carnival/water park, I noticed that the games were really expensive and that the prices to play the games were extremely specific ie. 3 throws for $15.94 (either when the penny hadn't been eliminated yet in Canada, or we were in the US of A).

December 7-8, 2013

I'm on a marine boat. Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy), Mark from the new panel of 1 Girl 5 Gays on MTV, and another person were with me. McKidd and the other guy were given ropes that held a sail (there was a lot of rope). Eventually it became too much so they had to let go. Problem was, the sail floated onto a submarine that had surfaced next to the boat. We couldn't stop our ship so we solemnly waved at the sailors of the sub. The captain/superior of our boat said that the sail had a lot of bacteria on it: if the submarine decided to pack it up somewhere on their vessel (taking up what limited space they already had), there'd be an outbreak.
For some reason, many of the crew blamed me for what happened: I became one of the two men holding the rope. At the next meal, I was the last in the mess hall, got my food in complete silence, and walked over to sit with my friends (the ones who didn't blame me). One of them said that I needed to fix the situation. I said he was right, so I picked up my food tray and sat with the guys who were angry with me. I had a lot of bread in my mouth, so I spoke with a full mouth when I asked the guys closest to me what their names were and what their job was on the boat. One was Josiah, another Tom, and this other kid wouldn't tell me his name, just that he was a schaffer (someone who communicated between non-English speaking civilians and the sailors). While he was talking, Josiah cleared the plates, scraping my food into a bowl. He was the cutest out of the three that introduced themselves to me.
 The last thing I remember was struggling against someone who was holding me.

December 5-6, 2013

I'm at my elementary school, Marlborough, because it's a high school field trip (I'm back in high school? Okay then). I'm walking down the back stairs of the school when my retainer breaks into a bunch of different pieces. I run to the bathroom with April, a girl I knew in elementary school: I wash my mouth out, taking the retainer pieces out of my mouth while she takes a shower...I freak out, because the pieces aren't leaving my mouth. At one point, I think they're all gone and I try to reshape the metal pieces and what plastic is left of the retainer back into a retainer and put it into my mouth. But it's not working: there are more metal pieces than there would be normally and the plastic is non-existent. Then, the retainer breaks all over again, so I gargle, spit, and repeat at least a hundred times. The plastic, however, is multiplying and also liquifying. It scares me, in the dream and in real life. At some point, the pieces leave my mouth, and I need to go to my orthodontist's, and his office is apparently in my grade 6 teacher's classroom, M. Dias'. My sister is with me when I sign in with the school, at the office, and we go to Dias' class together. When we reach the doors, we find the new teacher that took over his classroom, a few students, and M. Dias himself. I ask the new teacher, in French, if Dr. Lam is still there. She replies that he left a while ago and that I should check his schedule on the side of the door to familiarize myself with when I should come by next time. After I check, Faith and I go to the back to the office because the secretary had asked me to count the money in the cash box. I answered yes and she got really excited. So we took the boxes to the library, which turned into a really nice house. We started to sing like in a Disney movie, jumping on the furniture and swimming in the inside pond/stream/pool thing. Then, the Olsen twins or Selena Gomez and a friend/twin comes into the house when we're done singing.

Fun stuff.

Sometime in November...

Forgot to write a date at the top of the page -_-
And the dreams are short. Not much context written down as notes, so this'll be quick and painless...

  1. An NCIS episode, with me guest starring. Super cool. Got to walk around the set and everything. Don't remember what the story line though. Which is fine. Because I got to walk around the TV show set ^^
  2. I was going to an interview at a government agency, being interviewed by a woman. I take my dog, Tori, with me. She asks me about my YouTube channel. (youtube.com/bubbles7pjc, if y'all are interested. You shouldn't be, though. I rarely post stuff :\ )
  3. I go to bars that a friend's, Emma's, birthday hang outs are at. (Bar hopping. Awesome. Sure.)

November 17-18, 2013

These notes are crazy weird, so bear with me. I'm just typing out what I see...it doesn't make any sense!

I'm in a room with my sister, Faith, and another pair of siblings, a brother and a sister. We play a game to see who can kill the most people with rifles. Faith and I win. We leave the room with the siblings, but the girl leaves us and the guy's two friends (older brothers?) join us. I tease and flirt with them, and then observe them all as they play basketball. [Faith dunks a few balls in the basket.] Eventually, the boys congregate towards me (it says "us" in my notes, although the sister had left...) to talk and flirt some more, becoming jokey and touchy, me thinking that it's harmless fun until they pull me up from my sitting position and tell us that we have to go. We walk around a mall (one I've dreamed of before) and eventually go into a bathroom. Faith goes out first, coming back in to tell me that they boys are back/have found us. I peek around the corner to see a big guy staring at where we're "hiding". (This is where things go a little strange, wording and context-wise.) Faith goes out first, in case she needed to protect me, but when we get closer, we realize they aren't the boys, even though they are at the back of the line to go pee; they didn't notice us. One of us walk through the many food courts, I see a couple of young hot male twins wearing the exact same outfit: red polo, khaki shorts, and a gold/silver watch. Faith and I get separated from the guys and we get on an elevator that services a helipad. When the elevator arrives, it comes with gurney, paramedics, etc on board. When we make the switch, them getting off and us getting on, one of the women shouts in passing that it's ok to go on the elevator but to just stay on. We didn't hear her but didn't have a choice of staying on or getting out because it wouldn't let us leave. Instead, helicopter attached itself to the elevator and transported us to what looked like Science World in Vancouver. We were met by tourists and curiousness, and the woman paramedic who told us to not leave the elevator. She said it was a prototype and that we were the first humans to experience it.

Yuup. Figure it out for yourself, people ;)

October 26-27, 2013

  1. My family and I were in Italy with a family friend, who was a contestant on a reality cooking competition show. (By the way, I have no idea who this guy was. He's not actually a family friend, he was just perceived that way in the dream.) We were going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, and the guy made a scene once we arrived, because he was "famous" and he should have been able to get the best seat in the restaurant, which was *packed*. Since he behaved rudely, he got recognized by different people once we were seated...And then he wanted to be moved because people were annoying him. (What a diva.) Once we finally got settled down, a couple other people and their partners/families joined us at the table, because we were also meeting them, apparently. At the end of the meal, my dad had paid the bill but the two other friends were trying to figure out their portion of the cheque.
  2. I feel like there was another dream this day, something about a garage/auto repair shop and a chase, Fast and Furious type deal. Meh.
  3. I was in Bali or somewhere in India for a class trip or reality TV show. (I know, both possibilities so different.) Marisa, a friend, was unable to get to her hotel, so she sleeps in an [abandoned] store, which she cleans. I visit Marisa, because I'm worried about her situation, so I go and visit her. I take a taxi, and the driver sits in the back seat with me, driving...A family friend, Savita, and her kids close the store Marisa is in when I arrive. The door is unlocked/open, so I go in and investigate [with Savita?], only to find Marisa on a couch, covered by a blanket. (I believe she's awake.) I invite my friend to stay with me in my hotel room. (And this is where the reality TV show part comes in? I have no recollection at all of how this ties into the first part of this dream and/or the context of this next part.) Then, actors from the movie, The Perfect Game, join the teams: 3 actors on my team, 1 on the other. I struggled with remembering their names and what movie they were all from (in the dream), and they seemed to have forgotten also. (Weird since they are all friends.)
Something else may have happened in the last dream, but unsure.

October 20-21, 2013

  1. My friends, Kyla (elementary school), Tavneet (high school), Sarah (high school), another girl that I either didn't recognize or forgot, and myself were celebrating my birthday. One of the things that they set up was for the same number of guys (5) to show up at my house to be "interviewed" to see who would go out with who that night. Unfortunately, only 4 guys showed up, and I was the odd one out. However, one of the guys said they had a surprise for me...and that's when Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed up on my door step <3 (I love JGL, if you haven't realized (; )
  2. Something was stolen from my mom, and she was determined to get it back. She orchestrated this entire undercover thing at a mall in either Las Vegas, Nevada or Los Angeles, California to get the object back, and my dad, my sister, myself, and two of her most trusted friends were included in on this rescue mission. There was an elaborate plot to this one, and I have forgotten most of the details. There are a few things I remember, but I'm unsure as to where they fit in the story line. Anyway, there was main place we were stationed at, where all the information got brought back to, which was a Purdy's looking store, but with candy and more colourful (not just the purple and gold trademark hues of the chocolate shop). I believe both of my parents stayed in the store, posing as employees, or it was my mom and her friend, or just my dad. Everyone else was paired off: my sister and I, and my mom and her friend, or something of the like. The thing that happened with either of the pairs was that they went into the main staff room of the mall and looked through everything inside the room: the tables, chairs, magazines, CD player(s), bathroom because my mom had an inkling that her possession was in there somewhere. It was not, and since we had searched the entire room and probably disrupted many of the positions of the things in the room, we had to make sure that everything was in it's proper place ie. no magazine placed an inch different, no dust pile touched, etc. So, we had been careful, but apparently not careful enough: someone found us out while we were still in the room. We ran out of the staff room, out into the mall, across the main circle thing where you can see all the floors from, and inside an elevator. Now, the thing with elevators is that if you stand directly in front of the buttons, it looks like no one is in the elevator. That's what my sister and I (it turned into us all of a sudden) half-crouched behind the buttons to make it look like we didn't enter the contraption. We got away, and while we were in the elevator, we contacted our parents to say that we were caught and that security was probably on their way. We didn't hear anything back from our dad, so we assumed he was going to find a way out for us. My sister and I made exited the way we entered, where we were met with the sight of our dad, waving at us from a cop car. (He stole a freaking cop car...What.) We got into the back, and our mom got into the passenger seat. And we were off.
Twas a good two dreams :P

The Dates

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for not posting up my dreams lately. I've had a stack of papers with notes of my dreams for a few months now, but didn't have the "time" to write them out. As a result, I'm unsure of which month the dream happened in: my notes consist of numbers (the night that it took place in, ie. 16-17 in a box or at the top of the page) but no month (name or number) and brief notes of what occurred in the dream. So, the next 10-20 posts are going to be a guess was to when it happened, month-wise. As long as I make a note of the dream, I think we're good.

When I get back from school today, though, y'all are gonna get a slew of posts from me.