Sunday, 3 August 2014

July 16-17, 2014

I'm trying to get a man's attention from the apartment across from ours. We don't go about it very nicely: firing arrows and so on. I take a break from trying when I see the man in the shadows, on the floor under the one I focus my attentions on, packing. He walks out when he sees me staring and calls up to me nicely. When he sees me wave to him, however, he gets mad. We (I have no idea who's with dad?) go downstairs, to the ground floor, to talk to him. I want to explain why I waved to him, but I don't get the chance because he walks away.
Then, I'm with a bunch of young latinos. I play baseball with them, as a pitcher.

I fell back asleep here, while I was writing the notes, but I remember other stuff happened. Like, I think these boys all had a crush on me...Yeah, yeah, how narcissistic of me. But it's my dream! :P

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