Thursday, 4 December 2014

December 3-4, 2014

I wasn't at home. It felt like New York City. Anyway, there was a tsunami warning. I can't remember the situation or where exactly I was, but I was with a lot of people. They started to panic, and the majority of them started to run away from everyone else. The people that I was standing with decided that I was the one who was going to figure this out. What I thought to do was get into one of the buildings located more inside the city. We started to walk away from where we were standing, until I found a place I thought would work. I don't remember what kind of establishment it was, but it had a storage room filled shelves that were filled with clothes, books, toys, and other odds and ends. It could have been a lost and found. My brilliant idea was to let everyone have a space of their own on the shelves. So, I took out all the clothes and things that filled a long shelf, which could house 6 people; a shorter shelf, which could house 1 or 2 people; and then another pre-teen boy emptied one shelf by himself, which he took for himself. I wasn't thinking about myself at the time, so I just did my job, and left everyone else to figure the rest out.

I don't think I left the room when the situation changed. I walked out of where I was onto a boardwalk. I met up with a guy and a girl. I liked the guy as more than a friend. Something happened as we talked, and it was decided that I was going to take his place in a motorcycle race. Next thing I know, I'm straddling a bike and tip-toeing out into an arena. The competitors all line up. So many colours. At one point, one of the refs asks me to make more room for the people in the back, but I can't. She tells everyone in the line to go up against the wall, to make more room. As soon as we do that, I realize I don't know how to start the motorcycle: the guy didn't tell me anything. I was trying to figure it out when the announcer announces the players to "start their engines." I find a knob that I thought was the ignition, I turn it, and nothing happens. Luckily, I see that a lot of other people are also having difficulties with their bikes.

And that was it.

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