Sunday, 11 January 2015

January 10-11, 2015

I know I had other dreams before this one, but, again, I can't remember them. Probably more to do with Running Man. Anyway:

I dreamt that I was in Kelowna with my sister, Faith, and her friend, Makaela. We were going snowboarding on the mountain there. We were there with another of my sister's friend's (Kaesha's) family, but we weren't actually *with* her family. They had either gotten to the mountain earlier or were coming later. Faith, Makaela, and I were buying our tickets with Kaesha's mom's credit card. We kept forgetting the pin number to the card, so it took us a while to get onto the slopes. Once we got onto the snow, I strapped both of my feet into the board, which I wasn't supposed to do, and I fell as soon as we got onto the hill. There were a lot of people at the base of the slope, and they were all Caucasian. The ski lift was on the left and the run was on the right. After I undid my right foot from the binding, I made my way over to Faith and Makaela, and we were on our way to board the ski lift when I woke up.

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