Saturday, 22 April 2017

April 21-22, 2017

(I've had so many previous dreams written down on my phone and on random pieces of paper, but this one happened last night and I didn't write it down so I'll do this one before I forget!)

I was a university student again on a campus I haven't ever seen before. I think I went to a class before meeting up with a few other people, two guys and one girl. ONE OF THE GUYS WAS JESSE WILLIAMS AKA JACKSON AVERY FROM GREY'S ANATOMY, and breathe. Pretty sure I almost had a heart attack from his beautiful blues in the dream too. I don't know who the other guy and girl were though. Anyway, I had a feeling the two guys both liked me because they kept flirting with me, but neither of them made a move. The not Jesse one and the other girl left to go to class. Jesse was showing me something in the cubicle he was working in (but it was a standing cubicle, not a sit down one, which was interesting). I think I laughed and then backed away slowly, saying I had class. He gave me one of his gorgeous smiles and said okay, watching me leave. I got a good distance away before looking down at my schedule. I didn't recognize the room number even though I had a class in the building before. I flagged down a different friend (one I know, her name is Eunice) walking down the hallway and asked her where the class was. She told me, and I remembered how the confusing building worked. I thanked her and went on my way.

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