Saturday, 8 February 2014

January 28-29, 2014

I was living with a family I know from camp, but only the kids (the people I actually know of): Sarah, Jessica, and Jeremy. At least, I think I was living with them since only Jeremy was present in my dream. Anyway, he was being really annoying, "locking" me up in a room attached to the storage room, which was on the first floor, by the entrance of the house. (The storage room had another bedroom attached to it, and that bedroom had two doors. Jeremy locked the door attached to the hallway connected to the rest of the house, so the only way I could get out was through the storage room.) For some reason, he didn't like the storage place because it was cluttered, but I reminded him that storage spaces tended to be messy. So, I kept having to jump over boxes (palettes of pop cans and bottles) to get out of my room; the doorway was blocked by stuff. I was also still in elementary school in my dream, even though I was still my current age, and I needed to go to my graduation ceremony. Problem was, Jeremy kept blocking the door of the storage room and he wouldn't let me out, so I missed the buses I needed to take to get to school. While I was trying to get out of storage, I got texts from Sarah telling me that I needed to be at the school. She also said in the text that the teacher(s) said I missed assignments, and therefore wouldn't be able to graduate. I got frustrated and Jeremy was still being a jerk...And that's where it ended.

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