Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January 27-28, 2014

Also, it's weird to type in "2014" now...
  1. I'm on a date with a celebrity, possibly Tom Hiddleston (my current, hardcore celebrity crush at the moment). We're walking on an LA boardwalk, hand in hand. At one point, we walk by a restaurant that has tables on the walkway, and instead of walking around the tables, we decide to step up onto the table tops. Tom stops stepping up and instead helps me up for the next few tables. I get winded after the last table that's in our way (embarrassingly, but charmingly), and when I come down from the table, I cradle my head into his shoulder and he holds me for a moment. We encounter a waitress for the restaurant closer to the end of the tables; she's Aboriginal and overweight. Tom makes fun conversation and she's happy. In return, she tells us something wise, which I don't remember.
  2. I walk into a Japanese restaurant with Eric, a guy who has been in multiple French classes with me, and someone not from university (I'm surprised that they know each other). However, this restaurant does not serve sushi. The layout of the room is very different, but it's pleasant: like a bakery in the front, display cases to the left of the door, the cash register beside the display cases after a space for the employee to walk from the kitchen behind the display cases to in front of the cases, tables and chairs on the wall in front of the door, and then private "rooms" for bigger parties. Anyway, we order food, which is already prepared and just needs to be plated. It all looks good, so we sit down.
  3. I'm in a convertible, either the driver or the passenger. Scenery looks like Sechelt. Wind is blowing through my hair.
  4. In a church service, Catholic-like. I've had this dream when I was younger, but it's different now. After the service, 4 kids including myself will meet after everyone has left to see a commentary about the message. We wait a long time before we go into the secret room for this commentary, and even when we go inside the room, there are still people/one person in the sanctuary of the church. The secret room is smaller and more disgusting than I remember: it's a dining room and a bathroom. Try to start the video, but I'm uncomfortable unlike the 3 others who make themselves at home right away. In the past, when I dreamed this, I was comfortable as well and it was a pleasant time. (I think maybe because I've grown, I'm older when I dream this so I must have grown taller/bigger.) I remember from before that the there is one part of the commentary that is my favourite, but I can't remember which part it was.

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