Friday, 3 October 2014

October 1-2, 2014

I was getting ready (in this instance, putting on makeup) with my mom and my sister for an event in what looked like my grandma's apartment. Someone was with us, but I can't remember who (Ada, Kim, Nadia? <-- a few of my friends who might have been her in the dream). While we were getting ready, two men came into the house. They were on the same floor as us, and we had had issues for a while. I don't recall why they had come in, only that I was shocked and angered by how unsafe living in that place was: the same key every had could unlock any front door in the building. I held onto the bigger of the two, and blocked the other man with the bigger guy's body. (How was I able to hold him off?? I am not strong!) I yelled and screamed for help, more specifically for the building manager/maintenance. The maintenance guy came first, but only after the two guys were gone. My makeup was horrible through this entire exchange, btw, and I fixed it after everyone but who was supposed to be in the living space left. Our dates were coming to pick us up soon, and I only remember I liked who it was (someone in the KPop world, I believe).

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