Friday, 3 October 2014

September 24-25, 2014

  1. I was with EXO and Seo Kang Joon. They wanted to drink alcohol, but four of them weren't of age. Kang Joon was the youngest of the four (even though he actually isn't), and he went to find the other three to ask if they had their birthday yet. He finds the fourth youngest in a foyer, who says that he just had his birthday so he can drink. Then Kang Joon finds the third youngest in his room, who also says he's had his birthday (he lied). Kang Joon runs out the of the room, into the hall, where he spots the second youngest, runs after him, and corners him to ask if he can drink.
  2. I was on a date with Ki Hong Lee. (Most of you would probably know him as Minho in The Maze Runner, but I know him from Wong Fu Productions on YouTube.) We were at a really nice patio restaurant. At a table close to us, something happened to the people, and Ki Hong wanted to troll them. I laughingly said and waved, "No," and walked from the table to leave, looking behind me to make sure he was following. He wasn't, so I just kept going. He caught up to me as I was going down the outside stairs, still smiling as if he had something planned up his sleeve. We got down to the ground level and went into a toy/candy store located under the restaurant. Either Ki Hong turned into Dad or he just left me, I don't remember, but as I exited the store, I stopped to people watch enter and exit the shop.

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