Sunday, 9 March 2014

February 27-28, 2014

I want to start by saying Cobie Smulders is smokin' hot, and I don't know why I didn't think about it before. (I love her most as Maria Hill from the Avengers, and she looks great at all the premieres: she wears runway dresses *way* better than the models.)
This also might be two dreams, but it felt like one:

My sister and I were marine biologists or divers, filming something like Survivorman: this guy wanted to wrestle with or capture a stingray...The place this most reminded me of was Poet's Cove, on Pender Island, BC, but more city-like: there was a pier and docks and homes on stilts in the water. One of these homes was inhabited by my mom, although I think she or was house-sitting for the people that owned the house. I don't know what happened to my sister, but after our diving adventure, I climbed up a ladder that entered this house from the floor in the hallway, and my mom was sleeping in this really little but cozy room. And our dog, Tori, was with her in the bed (which NEVER happens with my mom). Then I'm not in this house anymore and I'm with Cobie Smulders (I'm not sure about this...we might have been in a lobby of a hotel or something. I might not even have been with the woman, just watching the happenings happen). Long story short, she visits her hometown, which is this Poet's Cove-y type place, and sees this guy that she has known since childhood. (His face looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where he was from, so he's nameless atm.) She falls in love with him over a period of time and so does he. Unfortunately, he's married to Reese Witherspoon. Through all of this, however, Reese doesn't seem to mind that her husband is "cheating" on her: she's very cool about it and doesn't over-react when she finds them together...One scene I remember from the dream is, Cobie and this guy decided to be together, and the guy just had to tell Reese. They were going to meet at a party after all was said and done. When Cobie arrives at the party, she sees the guy with Reese, talking with their heads close together. It looks like they are making up and getting back together, which is what Cobie thinks and she turns around to leave. The guy sees her turning away and he jumps up, calls her name, and runs after her.

That's all I remember. So dramatic and rom-com-y-y. :P

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