Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June 2-3, 2014

I watched the movie, Cloud Atlas, the night of the 2nd...

It was set in Neo Seoul from the film. There was a girl like Sonmi-451 who was escaping from something (different situation as movie), but she was alone (not with Hae-Joo Chang) and she wasn't as serious. I was royalty in the dream (?) and I had a choice: to help Sonmi or to not help. Many others before me also had to choose because the same situation would happen for every generation of royals. I decided to leave the city, to not make the choice, but I was persuaded (by I have no idea who) to stay.

And then the last word I wrote was "forest," and I have no idea what that means.

PS. Neo Seoul was my favourite story line in the entire movie.

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