Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June 3-4, 2014

I was at a nerd gathering, in a mall that closed down just for the event. *Everybody* I knew was there, but I mostly hung out with my friends from camp, Jordan and Darian and someone else. The main reason for the event was books: the releasing of them, re-releasing, authors were in the mall signing, etc.
To make things more fun, there were games, mostly treasure hunt type games, to find money. While playing the game(s), stores that were still open in the mall handed out actual, swear-to-God cash to the people that came in. Obviously, people swarmed these stores and took as much as they could, within reason. (They didn't take the entire wad of cash in the store owner's hands, which was irrational but kind of them to do.) I was near a store that suddenly brought out money, and I was able to get my hands on some. He had put in a clear box on the floor in the corner of his store, so people crowded and crouched around the box to get it. When I got the box, I consciously said to myself to only take about $1000 (the bills were $100), and I ended up with $1800.
There was a theatre in the mall too, where people sat to take breaks and listen to the bands playing on the stage: Avril Lavigne was hosting this part of the event. After I got my cash, I immediately went to the theatre, because I realized it would have been a good idea to keep my purse with me, so people wouldn't see the money in my hand and try to steal it from me (because the "bullies" of the event would harass the smaller people for their money). When I got to the entrance of the theatre, guys were trying to take people's money, like concert fare, and two of them were camp people, Nat and Mixon. I tried to slip without being noticed, and I was successful at getting passed them, until Mixon saw me in the corner of his eye and caught up to me, asking where I thought I was going. People helped me get away from him, which was nice.
While this was happening, Avril Lavigne went up on stage between sets to ask a trivia question to the audience, and whoever came up with the correct answer, they would get prize money. I don't remember what the question was, but it had to do with music and it was difficult: I didn't even know the answer, although I'm not a crazy music buff like some people I know.
Back to the original story line; I ended up giving money away to the row of people that were in front of where my friends were sitting (about 4 people, including Jordan and Darian and the other person)...When I gave Darian $100, he said he hadn't gotten enough money to give away to others. I said it didn't matter how much I got, I would have given it away, because for me, it was just to pay off debt. (It was also free money: I didn't have it before the start of the day, so any amount would've helped anyway.)
Then, Avril Lavigne sat down next to Jordan because he had an answer to the question. Somehow, he had let someone in Avril's entourage know that he had an answer for her, and she got word. Before he even started to talk, she gave him $20, I guess for just trying. I believe his answer was wrong, but he got $20 out of it.

And that's it.

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