Sunday, 17 February 2013

February 15-16, 2013

I was in a mansion, sitting at a long dining room table, eating a delicious dinner with a bunch of people I mostly didn't know. The one person I did remember though was Elliott C. Morgan, a YouTuber associated with Philip DeFranco and the SourceFed crew, because I have a crush on him. (He's absolutely gorgeous, but he's married. Oh how the good ones are always taken...) Anyway, then the Peter Pan from Hook came into the dining hall?...Robin Williams appointed Dante Basco, when he was younger, to become the new leader of the Lost Boys. (I hope someone else other than me remembers this actor. He's also in Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas, he's one of the "thugs" that learns to dance.)

In all honesty, I have no idea what's going on. I jotted down little notes when I woke up, and I can barely read them as is: it was semi dark and I scribbled.

Ok, so we managed to finish our dinner, and I think I had Elliott's arm walking through the garden. There were dolls and statues along the hedges of the garden, as well as throughout the bushes and flowers of the garden. They started to dance all of a sudden, like a fairy or someone whispered a spell to make them come alive. I guess they started to sing too, because the next thing in my quick notes is "-musical." There's also "-country side," which I assume means we were in the country side, so vast space for privacy.

This sounds like my kind of party...A little creepy, but still fun. Since Elliott C. Morgan was there! ;)

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