Monday, 18 February 2013

February 17-18, 2013

I was in a garage or a cafe, sitting on a couch with a few people, going over lyrics for a song. I'm with a bunch of guys, who form a band, and another girl. The girl sings the song while we're sitting on this couch, and her voice doesn't sound too good...Not to be biased, but my voice would've sounded better ;) I guess it was the next day, or a few days later, when I was walking home from school, or walking towards where I was going to meet up the so-called band. We were on the beach, I'm thinking it was California, most likely Los Angeles, since that's where I usually go when I'm in Cali. But on the beach, there was hot-tub-like pool. It wasn't right on the water, but it was pretty close. Everyone in the pool was in their clothes. Strange, but whatever: no need to change into swimsuits and no ridicule of body types. Worked for me. So, they were going over the song when I got to the side of the pool, put my backpack down on the sand, took my pink tank off (I was wearing a black tank underneath), and hopped in. A new addition to the group was Miranda Cosgrove, from the popular Nickelodeon show iCarly. Since the first girl's voice wasn't so hot, Miranda jumped into the song and was singing when I got into the pool. I floated on my back, the length of the little pool, and I bumped my head into Nathan Stephenson's belly. I know Mr. Stephenson from a Canadian show I watched called Radio Free Roscoe, which aired on the Family Channel. I ask Nathan what's going on once I put my feet back on the floor of the pool, and he tells me that they're changing the lyrics.
Before I move on, Tom Parker was also there, who's a member of UK band The Wanted. Other than that, I can't say who else was there.
Of course, while I'm jumping in the pool, floating, and talking, Miranda is still singing the song, and I really like the tune of it. She makes excellent changes to the song while she's singing it, but when one of the guys hands her the lyric paper and a pen, to change the lyrics, she won't do it. Maybe she forgot what she replaced the words with, but I really think she was physically unable to do it. Don't ask me why, this is just my thought process.
I end up singing the song from where she made the changes, and I take the pen to write down the lyrics that were changed. When I make the second change on paper, I realize that the end of the song sounds a lot like Justin Bieber's song Boyfriend, when I woke up.

Then, while I was getting ready for the day, washing my face and so on, Boyfriend was stuck in my head.
A great song to have in your head while getting ready...NOT. ;)

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