Monday, 25 February 2013

February 24-25, 2013

I was living in Burnaby. I might've been living alone or with my family, I'm not sure. A lot about this dream is about the placement of certain establishments, so if you're not familiar with the Metrotown area, you're probably going to be confused. There were a lot of differences about the city in my dream though; for example, the high school I used to go to, Moscrop Secondary, was where Save-on-Foods was, beside Metrotown and Station Square, in an apartment building. Weird, but whatever, I digress. My mom was in a meeting in the Hilton Hotel attached to Crystal Mall.
Anyway, I guess I was doing errands with one of my friends, James. After doing a few of them, I wanted to see a movie. I think it was Pitch Perfect, and I asked him if he wanted to come along...I also think I texted this to him, but a couple minutes later, I picked him up and he was in the passenger seat of my car. I also texted one of my used-to-be-friends Kyla if she wanted to see the movie with me too, because I thought James would say no. It turned out that both of them wanted to see the movie with me, so I thought that was awkward, but the me in the dream didn't think so. James was already in the car with me, so I drove to Moscrop, which wasn't all that far from where I was doing errands (like I said earlier), and was going to pick up Kyla (I saw her walking towards my car) when they both disappeared. (Kyla is the same age as me...but apparently she was still in high school. Hm.) We didn't end up seeing the movie, for obvious reasons: they disappeared, and it seemed like I was doing something else. Or the something else happened a few hours after the movie but my subconscious didn't think it was important enough for it to happen to me. I then needed to pick up Faith. She was at the library, which was where Future Shop was. We needed to pick up Mom after that, so we drove over to Crystal Mall, to walk around before we met up with our mom. We drove to the mall parking lot, which was interesting, because it had outdoor parking, unlike the actual underground parking it has. It was convenient, because there were a lot of open spaces. I parked the car, and we entered Crystal Mall when I woke up.

I realized I did a lot of driving...and that some of the streets in that area were different. Not much I could do about that though.
Maybe my mind was creating a better functioning shopping district. Or not. I didn't think it was when I woke up. Such are dreams.

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