Friday, 17 May 2013

May 15-16, 2013

There were two parts to this dream, except I think they were connected somehow. Let's get it.

I was in an ice cave with my friend Susan. We were going on an adventure and exploring. This cave was very small though: we could only get through it by going on our stomachs and army crawling. At one point, it was a bit downhill and had moguls. (I looked the term up on Google: it's the part in the Winter Olympics when skiers go down a hill with a bunch of other little hills, seeing how fast they can do it. Hopefully that helps in the description part of things...When I tried explaining it to my sister, I sounded weird. Anyway) Somehow, I got a big metal bowl (I also explained this to my sister as one of the salad bowls from camp) and used it to get over the moguls. I don't know how Susan did it, but for me it was fun and funny. We eventually got to the main cavern, which was a dead end, and we found two other guys there, who were *very* good looking, setting up camp. I think Susan and I decided to stay the night, since it was an ice cave and we were cold and didn't think we'd make it back up to the surface without some rest. I also had my eyes on one of the guys, and we flirted and playfully argued about everything.
Then I was in class, at my old high school, Moscrop Secondary, except that I was still my age now. And the thing about this classroom is that it was filled with all of my elementary school classmates, plus Susan and another friend, Tavneet, who were from the high school I graduated from. I don't know what class it was, but I had to be there, so I had Tav on my left and Sunil on my right. Thomas was on the right of Sunil. (I had a crush on these two while I was in school with them. Oh how crazy I was about boys at this time.)
All of a sudden I was hanging out with this guy named Jed, who I used to go to church with,  a church called Willingdon. Apparently he lived on my street, in one of the houses I walk past while I am walking the dog, and we hung out on a regular basis: I was comfortable with him in my dream. So we hung out, had fun, laughed, etc, and then I went home.
Here's where it gets weird. That night, I went on Facebook and saw that I got a message from some guy, asking me to marry him, in two days. First of all, when the heck does that happen? Second of all, why would that happen to me? Third of all, did something happen to his original wife that he had to find a replacement, pronto?...Creeeeepy...And lastly, who in their right mind would ask someone to marry them OVER FACEBOOK?? Ok, now that that's over: he was considerably older than I was (around early to mid-forties, salt and pepper hair, but attractive) and very wealthy. To the craziness that is my unconsciousness, I said yes.
In the morning, I went to the venue of the wedding and saw the goings-on of preparations. There were a lot of people milling around, getting everything perfect for our big day. There was a lot of white decorations, so I assumed that the theme was white/black, but mostly white. My husband-to-be was sitting at a table with his friends, talking and laughing, although I have no idea what they were talking about. I had my dress fitting some time in this period as well.
I'm not sure where this part goes, but it happened somewhere in the dream: I posted something on my Facebook about me getting married, I think, and a few people commented. One of the people was Bernie, an old high school funny guy, and I can't remember what he said, but six people thumbed it up. I think I "liked" it too, but I also think it had to do with me, something about getting married too young. Maybe.
After seeing the prep, I went back home (I think. My timing is getting all weird and hazy so I don't exactly remember how everything played out) and told Jed what happened. He didn't say much...or he did. He got me to question the upcoming wedding, the man, how I didn't tell my family and friends and they weren't going to be a part of the celebration. He left after he said his fill, and I went up to my room to think about what he had said. I realized he was right: I hadn't told my friends and family, I was keeping a major secret from them, but I couldn't tell them the afternoon of the day. So I didn't say anything, I didn't invite them. Eventually, I got torn, I wanted my friends to be my bridesmaids and my other friends and family to be in the audience when I got married, so I sat down in front of my computer and sent my fiance a message, on Facebook. I realized I didn't know who I was sending/addressing it to (I didn't know his name!), so I looked for his original message and found out that way. So, I sent the message to Drew, asking him how he found me and why he chose me to be his wife.
He didn't answer during the next hour or so I was home, so I went to class. It was awkward this time, and I didn't know why. (While I was writing my notes down, however, I realized it was probably because everyone knew what was going on with me, the wedding and all that.) Sunil wasn't there to smile at me and tell me it was alright. Some of the tables had been rearranged, but I sat down where I usually sat, but beside Thomas this time, and two empty seats to my left. (I knew Susan and Tavneet were at school though, so the chairs would've been filled momentarily.) There were a lot of students standing up at the door though, not being able to find seats. I didn't understand this in the dream though, because there were empty seats right in front of my eyes. (Again, I realized while I was writing the notes that it was because everyone felt uncomfortable being around me.)
After class, I went to Jed's house, ready to rant about everything, when I saw Drew packing up a hiking backpack. I confronted my fiance, asking him to answer my questions. He said that he sent a message back, but I replied that he was here so he could tell me in person. Paige, a friend of a friend's, was standing there for some reason. He didn't speak. I got upset, and told him the wedding was off, and walked out.
A few months or so passed, and I was actually getting married, to someone I loved (but I can't remember who it was...Either Jed or Sunil. Or Thomas. Yeah). When it came to the part of wedding dresses, someone suggested the dress I had kept from my previous engagement. (Even though we didn't go through with the wedding, Drew had given me my dress. I would also like to note here that I was very slim throughout this dream: the dress I had picked out for Drew's and my wedding was fitted and tight, and there wasn't a single sign of belly rolls XD) Obviously, I didn't want to wear that dress for my actual wedding date, because of the memories associated with it, but I eventually made it into a cocktail dress: it was a white strapless dress with a gold floral-y/leaf-y pattern.

And that's it.

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