Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May 21-22, 2013.

Ok, so this dream was weird. And I know I've had some weird dreams, but this one was even weirder. I didn't even get it while I was writing it all down, and my notes are even scattered. Anyway, here we go, and I hope you don't get too confused.

I was watching "Finding Nemo," specifically the scene where Marlin and Dory are in the marina looking for the boat that took Nemo away and when the pelican flies up and puts them in his mouth. And I use this term "watching" as in I was actually in them movie, but watching it, not exactly a part of the action but watching it like I was right in front of the characters. I was not sitting on a couch, looking at a TV screen, because I didn't see anything around the "screen" other than water and boats and the fish.
All of a sudden it changed to myself, my sister, my mom, and one of my mom's Korean friends on a dock. For some reason, we had to swim in the ocean to get off the dock, to get to actual land. My sister and I had also been in the water before, I don't remember why, so we knew the water was warm and we told the older women so. When I went in the second time, however, I was bracing myself for the cold.
So, we swam to land, and we were either in a boys' dormitory room or in a bar. I don't know how these two are getting mixed up, but they are. There was an older man (the hall's supervisor or the owner/manager) and then a bunch of guys around my age and younger (students or waiters). One of the students/waiters taunted me...and then the next thing I wrote was that my sister shaved my legs with a deck of cards.
Then I wrote, "before, at my friend Marisa's school or at a mall, trying to find her; bathroom with weird door, and my other friend Lisa and her friends."

Yeah, I don't know what happened. There was probably more story to that dream but I literally can't remember anything. I just remember that it was piece-y and incomprehensible. I woke up after all this, and then went back to sleep after going to the bathroom. This is what happened:

I had A&W coupons, and thought that writing out the ones I were going to use on a different piece of paper and presenting those make-shift coupons to the counter would be better than presenting the actual coupon from the newspaper. After I made the make-shift coupons, and threw out the newspaper and other mixed papers into the recycling for garbage pick-up, I realized that making these make-shift coupons was a bad idea. So, I went back outside to pick up the newspaper and other ad things to find the fast food coupons.
Then I wrote that there were two girls who got kidnapped, and a boy and a man took them so they could have sex with them. There was definitely more to this story...One got taken first, and then the man went to go "hunt" for the second one. The two girls were friends. The second one got away somehow, but then she felt guilty and went back to get her friend. When she got back to the apartment, her friend had also escaped, and no one was in the apartment. She was scared and turned around to leave when she saw the man in the doorway, telling her there was no way he was going to let her go now. Then he closed the door and the girl started crying.

I woke up here...I assumed he was going to rape her.
Good Lord. Something is wrong with my subconscious.

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