Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 8-9, 2013

1. There were about nine people in this dream, including Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Elliott Morgan, and Jasmin and An (two girls I recently met at a friend's party), as well as my younger sister. Vin and Bruce bonded over the death of someone they both knew. We were all college students (and I'm wondering why I wrote this down...relevance? None). We went to a Japanese restaurant, and we sat down in a "booth," the square sitting place with bamboo sliding doors. My sister and I sat on opposite sides of Elliott, which I was very happy about. (I have the biggest crush on that one SourceFed host. No one else compares <3 ) We were having a good time, laughing, talking. At one point, we were talking about Monopoly for some reason. And that's when I woke up.

2. I was at Carol's house. The street the house was on looked like the one I live on, except that there were more trees surrounding the houses, more forest-y. Anyway, Carol wanted to go see a movie, and I didn't, so she went with her boyfriend. She called on one of her other friends to be hostess, so her friend picked me up from Carol's and we went to her place. (I don't remember her face in the dream, so I can't write a name. Hopefully you won't get too confused.)
The friend didn't stay when we arrived, so I sat down in the living room and hung out with her mom and her mom's friend. They were talking about different things, mostly about watching a movie. I didn't chime in because I liked hearing them talk. They decided on watching a horror film, so the mom told me I could stay upstairs and watch TV. While they were making their way downstairs, and as I was flipping through the channels, I noticed that there were a lot of repeating shows, mainly dance shows: ballroom, hip hop, break, ballet, and so on. I was watching one of them until I realized I needed to check the ferry schedules for Victoria. (I wrote down that I was in Victoria, except that I don't think I was...I needed to go to Victoria, but we'll get to that later.)
Then, I needed to use the washroom. This is when I bumped into a hottie: blond hair, brown or blue eyes, physically appealing. He was wearing a black tee and blue jeans. I suspected he was Carol's friend's brother, since he may have lived in the house, but he didn't say, just looked at me while I looked back. Eventually, we got into the swing of a conversation. I can't remember what we were talking about, but it was nice being able to talk to someone. I think we hit a serious moment when the house started to fill with people. The guy's two brothers came over and sat with us. Their dog, a golden retriever/lab, kept walking through our square, wanting attention. I'd pet him occasionally until he started to get a bit annoying, in a cute way though. I put my hand under his chin to stroke the fur, but then I added pressure and hung on to his neck: the dog pinned me down to the floor, like we were wrestling. I started to laugh and cry from laughing so hard, and the guys were laughing too. I kept telling the stupid dog to get off, but he wouldn't until a couple minutes later. The guys were congratulating their dog, petting him and saying, 'Good boy!' and I called them fuckers with a smile on my face.
Then, the middle brother was chided by his brothers to do his famous handstand. It took some persuading, but he eventually did. He fell over the first time, his foot hitting my shoulder since I was lying down on my stomach. He was wearing briefs and a tie-dye tank top, so I could see everything. I wasn't embarrassed, but I did look away when he fell. The second time he kind of succeeded, but since he was so tall, his feet hit the ceiling. (The hallway didn't have high ceilings anyway.)
After that, Karen and Jamie sat with me; they were at a women's conference or flight attendant training (they had bright blue and pink intertwined scarves tied around their necks) and they started telling me about it. This is when I noticed that the gums behind my upper teeth were swollen. I popped the bubbles and I tasted blood, so I went to the bathroom sink to see what was going on. I looked at my teeth, saw some pink lines going down, spit out some of the blood, and also realized that my retainer didn't feel right on my teeth, it felt uncomfortable. I took it off, and I felt that some of my molars were loose.
Karen came into the bathroom, wanting to shave her legs, but I didn't say anything to her. Jamie came in after and started to fix her hair in the mirror above the sink, and we didn't swap words either. And there weren't just teeth in my mouth: there were teeth-coloured, thick cartilage pieces too, and I had no idea where they were coming from. I was crying and didn't know what to do until Karen asked me what was wrong. I told her what was happening and she said that this had happened to her before too. She told me to bite down, to push the teeth back into the gums, in a way. I tried, but there were too many little pieces. I tried to spit out as much as possible without losing the teeth. Jamie was rubbing my shoulders as I was doing all this, which was nice, but I hoped she wasn't too grossed out by the situation, and how much I was sweating. It ended up that I lost one left molar, the right incisor, and two right molars.
Since that was over, I told whoever I was going to take the ferry to Victoria with (Darian or Derek or James) that I couldn't go with them. I didn't explain why, just that I needed to see my dentist. This is when the dream sped through my friend driving to the terminal and taking the ferry. I realized as I was watching that we could've have ridden to the terminal together, since there was a dentist's office nearby.  Ah well. 

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