Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 4-5, 2013

1. I told my friends that I was trying to lose weight, and they were very supportive about it. My friends, Jaylen and Rosie, wanted to help me the most, but we were in Burnaby instead of Langley. One of them wanted to meet at a field near Central Park, and the other wanted to meet at a field near Moscrop Secondary School. Jaylen wanted me to piggy back her while I ran around the field, and Rosie just wanted me to run laps. As usual, Rosie called me and said she couldn't make it, so I just went to meet up with Jaylen. A couple of my other friends, Sarah and Tavneet, accompanied me to the field, and when I met up with Jaylen, she also had a few friends with her, girls I'm sure I know but who I can't remember seeing in the dream. There was a lot of being in a car in between all this: figuring out how to get to the field, where Sarah and Tavneet needed to go in order to go back to Langley, etc. I woke up on the way to drop off my friends.

2. I was going to China, for what I don't know or remember. People were telling me stories about their experiences. One in particular stood out in my dream: there was a tiger on the plane, as well as a racoon. Apparently, before this incident, squirrels were the more popular visitor, and this time was the first racoon...And the racoon put the tiger in a headlock. While the person was telling the story, I imagined it happening, like I was actually in the plane with the animals. But it wasn't just imagining, in the dream. I was actually on the aircraft. I didn't know how I got there and if I was supposed to be on the flight and if I was going to the right destination, but I sat down and fastened my seat belt without asking anyone anything. Then I woke up.

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