Wednesday, 26 June 2013

June 17-18, 2013

I was at a reunion, a summer Staff Training, or a camp for past staff only. We were going to go disc golfing and there were a lot of people, standing around the wheelchair ramp where the picnic tables usually were. Before we left, we threw frisbees from the picnic tables to determine who would be on which person's team. Then, we piled into cars...And then something about a fellow staff-mate Katy and her driver's license. Maybe that she had her full license already and she was the one driving us? It's possible, I wrote that bit really chicken-scratchy, so I can't even tell what I wrote!

The last thing I wrote down as a note was "fire." I'm assuming that there was a fire somewhere, although if it was at the disc golf course or at the camp, I'm not sure.

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