Monday, 10 June 2013

May 23-24, 2013

I'm really sorry guys, but these next few posts are going to be really boring: I haven't been remembering my dreams.

The only thing I wrote down that morning was that there was an underground fight.

I don't know if I was a part of one, or if I was a spectator. Either way, don't do it kids. ;)

**And then I forgot that I had already typed out this dream...and this is what I wrote:

I just wrote "underground fighting." I guess I couldn't elaborate on it...because I think I fell asleep right after. Woo.

I also dreamed a couple other times, like on the 27th and last night (29th) but I can't remember them, at all. I remember that I liked them, but that's it. Sorry to disappoint guys.

So, yeah. The next couple ones aren't going to be as exciting either :(

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