Wednesday, 26 June 2013

June 25-26, 2013

I was at in a field at a water park (something like Splashdown in BC), with a bunch of old classmates and current friends. We were doing relay races: girls all together in one group, one boys group containing HBBC staff, and another boys group containing old Moscrop Secondary acquaintances. The Moscrop guys kept winning, and showing off: they were the only ones actually doing the relays. The other guys group just did their own thing, having fun. Eventually us girls got frustrated with the relays, so we went and joined the HBBC guys with whatever they were doing. I think the Moscrop gents didn't like being ignored by the opposite sex so they joined everyone else too. Anyway, the HBBC guys were doing team building games, but the person who lost the game had to be punished. For example, when us girls joined in and saw what was going on, one of the guys, Mixon, had to backflip into a bucket full of water. I'm not sure how this was supposed to be a punishment, but it was. As he was prepping to do the flip, I took the bucket out from under him. Mixon didn't notice, but everyone else did and started yelling at me to put it back. I waited until the very last second, as Mixon jumped off the ground, to put the bucket back. He ended up missing, and everyone booed. I wanted to take the bucket of water and splash it on him, and as I was reaching for it, I decided not to. A guy, I forgot who, asked me why I didn't do it, and I cheekily smiled at him and said that I didn't have good aim. This instance of taking the bucket out from under my friend was one of the many things I did to draw attention to myself...I don't think I was doing it on purpose, but it kept happening, and I liked it, having a bunch of guys look my way. It's a good ego booster ;) At a certain point, a couple of the guys were teasing me. It started out ok (I knew they were flirting), but then it got out of hand, a little boring and annoying, so I walked over to another friend, Darian, to get away from them. Needless to say, I didn't get away. Darian realized I was trying to get attention, so he started to act weirder than normal while everyone watched. I got extremely pissed from the two guys prior and then Darian, so I walked to the farmer's market that was closer to the entrance, but inside, the water park. As soon as I got there, I noticed some really nice apples, and all different kinds too, and I think I was about to buy some.
All of a sudden, I found myself sitting in the staff lounge at Hope Bay when Travis, the new program director, saw the apples in my lap and asked me what kind I had bought. I heard someone reply (it was either me or another friend, Derek), "My hopes and dreams."

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