Saturday, 22 June 2013

June 21-22, 2013.

Ok, so, I've had a few dreams since the last time I posted, and I will post them all at some point, but right now, I want to write about the one I had last night, which I am now writing 22 minutes before tomorrow. I at least want to get it down before let's do this.

It was an elementary school's classmate's birthday and I was holding it at my house. (For clarification, we're older, not in elementary school anymore. And his name is Victor. An old crush...I know, I'm getting old with my crushes coming out of nowhere, but you're going to keep reading because you like reading my dreams. I'm hoping.) Obviously, this party went on into the night, but it wasn't big and insane like other people's parties/parties in the movies. Ours was small and a bit intimate, but it was kinda crazy. Crazy in the sense that this is my dream and of course it'll get weird. At one point, we were by ourselves, catching up on life. He was telling me about his girlfriend (who is played by Victoria Justice for some reason) and how she has issues. I think they were mental issues, like she's really overprotective or something. Oh, and Gandalf was there. After I finished talking to Victor, the wizard pulled me aside and warned me about the girlfriend. I had to leave early in the morning, so I didn't really sleep at all that night. Around dawn-ish, I started packing up my backpack for my adventure (although I have no idea where I was going) in the living room. Then I was at the bus loop, in my car in the parking lot, all of a sudden. I think I actually wondered in the dream how I got there.
For this next part, I'm not sure if it had to do with Victor's party, or if it segways at all into that dream, but I was in an underground headquarters. We were all cyborgs...At least, I think I was a cyborg. I was watching everything from my point of view. At a certain time, my sister and a few other cyborgs were pushed into a corner and told to wait there. My sister was being particularly bratty this day so she didn't listen to the person/cyborg and went wherever she wanted.

And that's all. I'll post my other dreams soon. Maybe tomorrow. Look out for that :)

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