Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August 16-17, 2013

In this dream, I had daily meetings with the Holy Trinity of YouTube: Grace Helbig aka dailygrace, Mamrie Hart aka youdeserveadrink and mametown, and Hannah Hart aka myharto. It was cool, but weird (this is my thought after I woke up): why was I having meetings with them? And they weren't even meetings, really! They were just hang outs, but in a conference room. Like, what even? Anyway, in the dream, they were really funny and down to earth. I kept forgetting to bring my VidCon letters for them, but kept saying in my head that I would see them tomorrow. And then I woke up. Ergh. I wish I could've finally given them those letters. They're sitting in my room, right now, as I type this. They're not staring me in the face, but it's close enough.

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