Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August 19-20, 2013

(This is what is actually written in the notes) My sister and I were living alone? In the US? Lil town.
Yup. I am so eloquent.

I was part of a study that was happening at a school. (Not sure if this is the school where we moved to (Lil Town, US) but it's not that important.) There were six people and three beds, so two people were on each bed, lying down. The study was being conducted by a French person, a man, who later on turned into a woman. I can't remember what the study was about, but it was weird: at the end of the time period, we had to touch our own uvulas.
(NOW this has to do with the town we moved to.) We were walking around, getting used to the streets and the stores and the people. For some reason, Faith wanted to have beers at every bar in town.

And that's it.

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