Sunday, 14 September 2014

August 12-13, 2014

I was somewhere I haven't been before: a combination of the library I used to go to as a kid, an old church, and other unknown locations, which made up a university. I was sharing a room with a couple of my current classmates, named Cynthia and Rianne. I left the room to make a present for someone with a bunch of other people outside the building. The present was going to be a felt-fabric book, and while we were making the gift, we played with a giant, multi-cubed Rubik's cube. There may or may have been a relay race and/or a scavenger hunt as well. After deciding to take a break from creating the present, my group's other friends came and they run off. More people start coming to where I'm standing, two of them being EXO-K's Suho and D.O. I get nervous because I recognize them and I don't know what to say. I'm sitting on the concrete, and I stay sitting when they get closer, and I shuffle forward with the felt book so people, like the two guys, can walk behind me. The EXO guys look chubbier than on TV or in their music videos. After a while, I walk away, lonely, back to my dorm. On the way, my thoughts are interrupted by a grunt. When I turn around, I see Reed (an old elementary school classmate) giving a choke hold to Matthias (a guy from a church I used to go to). I start walking again and see Thomas and Bryan McC (two other previous classmates) coming towards me, probably heading to Reed and Matthias. I duck my head and keep going on my way, so they don't see and notice me. Suddenly, once I enter the building, there are people everywhere: it's Clubs's Day. Lots is happening, like textbook selling and Disney movie watching; it's basically chaos. I walk up to my room and I pass a lot of people in the corridors (which look like a certain section of my university's office hallways: RCB), heading towards the lobby. I forget my room number, pass the room, turn back, make an educated guess, and open the door. But there are a bunch of people sitting and/or lying down at the back of the room, talking. I guess that Rianne has her friends over and I back away as to not disturb them. I don't know where else to go, so I walk back to where I was originally. I only get to the middle of the hallway when I wake up.

I have another note here, but I'm not sure of where it goes in the dream:

I thought that I'd be able to stay in Chanyeol and Baekhyun/D.O.'s room because their room was always quiet: I could just be on my laptop without distracting anyone. So I ventured over to their part of the dorms. When I got there, I shared Chanyeol's bed with him, but there was a space between us for his baby, a stuffed animal, but I was okay with it.

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