Saturday, 20 September 2014

September 19-20, 2014

I was pretending to be Miley Cyrus because something happened to her (alcohol poisoning? Because of her partying ways...) and she couldn't do the events planned for the day. Apparently I was her body double. I really had to be her: clothes, voice, actions, and it was extremely difficult for me! (More so because I abhor her.) One of the events was a red carpet charity event, which was taking place at a hotel. I was talking to news people once I arrived on scene.
But, the next thing I know, I'm at a movie theatre with my sister and my mom. (As Miley? I'm not entirely sure.) My mom wanted to see a movie while my sister and I wanted to see another, so we decided to split and meet each other after our movies were finished. After the showing of our movie, the front row seats were taken out for some reason. Anyway, we stayed in our seats for a little longer, as did numerous other people in the theatre, and then we made our way down the stairs. Once we got the bottom, we heard our mom calling our names. We turned around, saw her, and asked why she was in this theatre. She replied that her movie finished before ours and she snuck in for the last bit of our movie. While she was talking, I saw Ryan Higa as he was getting up from his seat with his leftover popcorn and drink. He walked over to us, joined our circle, and said it was a good movie. Then, he walked out with us! Now, I'm not sure if Ryan stayed as Ryan or if he became my dad but he held the doors open for me on our way out of the building. Now this theatre was located on a busy street, and they were doing construction on the side for a reason I knew but have now forgotten, which caused parking to be limited. We got into our cars, and tried to make a right turn onto the street when I woke up.

What is up with Ryan Higa in my dreams these days??

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