Sunday, 14 September 2014

September 13-14, 2014

It was an episode of Criminal Minds (with Jeanne Tripplehorn, not Jennifer Love Hewitt). Starts at a Mexican restaurant with everyone, a kind of welcome back to work dinner. Wine flows, conversation continues, etc. The scene jumps to a babysitter looking after a boy and a girl. Something happens and the boy goes missing. Next scene I see is Blake and Reid with the sitter and the girl in a car. The car is parked in a parking lot, and the car gets mobbed by at least 20 people. The agents are taken away while the sitter and the girl are ducked in their seats. The older of the two believes they're safe, so they start to open one of the doors, when the other door opens and the mob drags the two of them out. Next scene is at the morgue: the babysitter is crying and pacing. Someone died (I think it was the girl), and the body was drawn on with a Sharpie. The sitter is trying to remember what happened, agents using clues from the body to help trigger her memory. I write the questions down on the whiteboard as they're being asked so she can actually see what's being asked of her. Suddenly, the sitter remembers what happens, but she doesn't want to say it out loud and she dreads the idea of going back. Eventually, she decides to go, bringing me and another along with her (I can't remember who). When we get to the location, it's like a scene from an anime: a shallow river leading to a bridge; the river ends under the bridge, which leads to a paved road/pathway to a forest; and behind the forest is a mountain range. Once we start walking down towards the river's edge, I see the girls from the TV show, The Secret Circle, and I think Cassie Blake (actress is Britt Robertson) becomes the other girl we're venturing with. Then again it could be someone completely different; I just know that this other person is familiar to me, whether I know her in real life or I've seen her in media. Anyway, this third companion walks ahead of us, like she knows something. Meanwhile, I'm walking along with the babysitter, who tells me what she remembers. She tells me that types of supernatural obstacles start at a certain point along the road: fast zombies who can kill you as soon as they touch you are first, then dead people who can't kill you but are able to hear you as you go, and more. She tells me that they've hidden the boy in a certain part of the forest and we need to find him. We hit the first part and break into a run, not slowing down or stopping. The babysitter and I lose the third member of our group, but we keep running. We reached the second portion, which turns into a living space/dorm. We keep running through, trying to be as quiet as we can, but for some reason we need to go around the entire perimeter of the inside of the building. We run through a hallway, and into a living room type area, going around couches and dodging coffee tables. As soon as we get to the second section of couches and coffee table, I wake up.

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