Monday, 29 April 2013

April 28-29, 2013

1. I was on the bus, going home from school, but the route I was taking to get home was the way I usually go to go to school, not home. Anyway, there were a lot of people I knew on the bus, but I wasn't sitting next to anyone or talking, and the bus wasn't full. It was more empty. The bus was nearing a stop, and I pulled the cord, thinking that I could walk to the car/home from there. Dominic Monaghan was the bus driver, but he was wearing an orange jumpsuit. (It was the norm in the dream: criminals could drive the transit buses to take time off their sentence). I don't know why I was freaking out when I saw him, because I would in real life, but I just said thank you and walked off. When the doors closed, I saw that I forgot my green Jaguar backpack (one that I had thrown out a long time ago) on the seat. I freaked out and ran after the bus, hitting the side of the bus. The transport was going slow though, and the next stop was close to the one I got off at. I texted one of my friends, Butler, really quick, asking her to pick my bag up when she got off the bus, but she didn't get the message and I saw her walking away from the bus. I yelled her name when I approached the bus, she turned her head but she didn't say anything. The back door of the bus was open, so I got on and told the bus driver to wait as I walked to the front of the bus, but he kept driving.
This is when I woke up, and it was still early, so I dreamed another dream.

2. Our house was a crime scene: someone was slaughtered in the bigger downstairs bedroom in our house, blood everywhere on the walls, like the person that died rolled all over the walls. One of the girls I graduated with, Kim, was the suspect, and for some reason, my family and I were still living in the house. Then, Kim FB messaged or texted or called me...some kind of communication thing, and she said she was bored, and that if any of us went outside, we'd be her next victim. At least, this was implied.
And that's it.

Weird stuff.

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