Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April 22-23, 2013

This is all from memory, so we gotta go quick before I lose it all!

I was in a mall, going to the top floor, which was like an expo/amphitheater type area. I was following Skrillex, because I was his intern/assistant, and he was performing at this expo/amphitheater place. Anyway, I was a few minutes behind him, but when I got to the sound stations, he was already there with the technician, spitting out some beats. I didn't like when this happened (it happened a few times before), because this usually meant that I had nothing to do, and I wasn't about to interrupt one of the best dubstep artists just to ask what he needed me to do (which was probably going to be nothing) so I just put my backpack in one of the cubby holes and walked out into the mall. When I went down the elevator to the floor below the expo, I saw my friend Perla sitting on the steps. I said hey and great to see you, because she had just come back from her SE Asia trip, and hugged. We started walking and talking about her trip and how I was. I told her about my internship with Skrillex, and how I didn't really like it but it was a high profile internship, so I wanted to stick it out. I really needed to go to the bathroom too, but Perla wanted a burger, so I told myself I could hold it and we went to the food court. Weird thing about this food court, I didn't see any places that looked familiar to me. We went to this burger place that Perla knew of, and the counters were piled with half made burgers, each cash register separated by those blinds when shops are closed. I asked Perla why they did this, and she said it was to make production go faster. We stopped in front of one of the registers, where a couple of cashiers were, and Perla ordered. I was looking at the burgers, contemplating whether I should get one, when I woke up.

I also think there was something about the church I used to go to, called Willingdon. I remember walking up the steps, but I don't know why. Maybe to catch up to Skillex, because we were there prior to the mall? Meh.

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