Sunday, 7 April 2013

April 4-5, 2013

It was some kind of treasure hunt with a group of guys and girls. I can't remember the exact numbers because they seemed to have changed throughout the dream. When I wrote down my notes, I said that I could see their faces in my head, but I couldn't give them names except for one, Brenda Song. Ok, so, initially, they (I was watching this all happen) were on a spaceship...or a bus, talking about how to get the treasure ie, find it individually and text each other once they found the treasure, split into groups, or go in one big group like the Goonies. I guess everyone knew each other, but there was one new guy that everyone didn't know, one of the members brought him in because he thought that his friend would be valuable in the hunt. After they got off the spaceship/bus, they went into a warehouse. Then, somehow, it turned into a school, where the first clue was hidden. Some of the team goes to the cafeteria to each lunch first, get energy for the rest of the hunt I guess, and all the girls try to get one of the guys (who's black. It's the truth, that's how the dream went, ok? Don't judge me) to go out with them, but he's either not interested or wants to focus on the job. I'd go with the not interested because that's really how he acted. Anyway, one of the girls in the group doesn't go up to him and ask him, because she says that she doesn't want to ruin her friendship with him.  She continues, saying that one day he'll see that she's what he needs and goes on to describe their first date...when everyone in the cafeteria stops talking and listens to her. Obviously, the black guy hears what she says when everyone goes quiet, looks at her, shakes his head, and walks away. The girl is disappointed in herself. Meanwhile, the members of the team who didn't get lunch are in a classroom, trying to find the first clue. Brenda finds it taped under a desk, written on a paper bag. (Apparently there's a technique for taking papers bags off from under desks, but it's hard: she ripped the bottom part of the note, and covered the bottom of the note with duct tape for some weird reason. They probably could've read the note if the bottom part was just ripped off, just piece it back together like a puzzle. Anywho.) The note kept changing states. Like, it was in shreds one minute, perfectly intact the next, readable, not readable, and so on. They try to figure out what the note says when the rest of the team comes into the room, escorted by three nerdy borgs. Everyone introduces themselves. One of the girls' names is a name of a bug, but one of the borgs didn't believe her, so one of the guys pulls out a dictionary. He finds the word and touches the word with his finger: the bug comes out of the pages. It looked like a firefly, but red, and the body was furry. It landed on my finger, flew away, then landed on my finger again. But when it flew away the second time, the bug turned towards my face and flew into my left eye, getting trapped in my eyelashes. I swiped it away in the dream and in real life, and I woke up.

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