Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April 9-10, 2013

I might've been in Hawaii, and I was inside of a luau'd out diner. Lots of little tables and chairs, the kitchen was separated by a wall with a window cut-out without the window. From the kitchen side, there was the sink, cupboards, microwave, etc in front of the wall; if you stood in front of the sink, you'd be looking out of that cut-out window spot. In front of that wall from the dining room side was the cart with all the utensils and napkins and such. I was there, standing and leaning on one of the tables behind the table where a few adults were sitting, drinking coffee, and talking. I guess I knew the owners of the restaurant, since I was there before the time to open the place up. I was watching and listening when the cook, a beautiful Hawaiian woman, and Tyler Shaw (2012 winner of Coca-Cola Covers, but here he was just a guy) walk in, say hi, and go into the kitchen. Tyler smiles at me when he walks by, I guess we were friends.
Now, I don't know where this next part takes place, either right here after the cook and Tyler walk by, or at the beginning, but I was on a suburban street. I think I was walking on the sidewalk, because I remember seeing kids running around on the empty street, their bikes on the lawns of houses nearby. They were pulling pranks on their neighbours. I was carrying a lot of little bags with me, trying to find a nice place to sit, calm myself down. I think I was getting exasperated by my mom and dad talking and yelling at me to do something with my life or something, or I just wanted to be outside on a beautiful day. Anyway, in the bags, I had a bunch of things I thought I would use/get done...Like a Wreck-It-Ralph DVD, for some reason. I found a house with a beautiful porch: flowers on the railings, wicker chairs with cushions, rocking chairs, benches, potted plants. There was a fantastical element to this house, as well as the rest of the neighbourhood. I might've been sketching at the time, when I noticed a few scattered objects on the porch floor, hand made for sale on them. I followed the trail of objects, and it led me to a fenced in backyard, with more railing flowers and a table with cushioned chairs. It was prettily arranged. And for some reason, I kept going back and forth from my seat to the backyard, like I had to. I was content after a while, walking back and forth, when I went back to the porch and ran into the kids with the bikes. One of them was really cute: half Aboriginal and half Caucasian.
I hadn't aged from this time to Hawaii, but the cute kid did: he became Tyler Shaw, really hot, and closer to my age. By the time I came out of my reverie, or whatever that was, the diner got busier, and I was sitting down, surrounded by YouTubers. I can only remember Sam Tsui and Megan Nicole being there, but I know there was more. Everyone was ordering meals and the attractive cook was swamped with making the food. Tyler was the one serving the mostly burgers from the kitchen, and Megan and another young female YouTuber kept trying to get his attention while he was at our table, and he was falling for it. I felt annoyed, because I thought he liked me. (Oh yeah, I'm still a pathetic 16 year old at heart, wanting the attention of every cutie around ^_~) I finished my delicious food and went into the kitchen to wash my own plate. I figured, since I was already back there, I could help out with the rest of the dishes, but when I got to the sink, it was basically empty. I couldn't figure out why, but I did my dish anyway. Megan was there, getting cups for our table, but ultimately trying to flirt with Tyler. While I was at the sink, Tyler was crouched down under the sink, trying to reach for something, and he touched my jean'd knee.
I should mention here that the cover of Begin Again, by Alex Goot, Megan Nicole, and The Piano Guys, was going through my head the entire time this dream was going on. I really wanted to burst out and sing it whenever Tyler/Alex Goot (he might've been there too, but I can't be sure) was around.
I should also say that most of the customers at the diner were only ordering the burgers, which were their signature dish I'm assuming. But as time wore on, the burgers were getting bigger and more outrageous. At one point, one of the people at my table (I guess I got back after my sink bit) ordered a burger, and two men had to carry the plate out from the kitchen.
Now, I thought I knew everyone in the restaurant, like the place was packed with a party for my friends/people I knew, but one of the guys who was carrying the plate I didn't recognize. When he went back to his table, one of his buddies stood up and said that the guy was an alcoholic and that he needed an intervention and a lot of prayer.
I woke up here.

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