Sunday, 4 May 2014

April 18-19, 2014

I was in a room inside a mansion, but prior to that, I was in a hotel room. I was watching tow girls "decorate" this mansion's room: two water tanks were installed which allowed them to become mermaids when they got into the water. The room was cursed, however. Men would find them and beat them, rape them, and so on. 100 different girls, at different times, lived in the room before these two moved in; they all died, something to do with jealousy. I was one of the two girls. There were many different guys in the dream: bad boys, nerds, preps, sweeties...A lot of them were grab ass-y. I fought a lot of them, punching and kicking them so they would stop touching me and my friend. All of a sudden the dream turned into Hope Bay Bible Camp's dining hall, and I was drinking tea. My friends Jordan and Savannah were with me, and I was in charge of the espresso machine for some reason. The KPop group 2NE1 was there too, but I couldn't look at them: Bom drank a special tea and I had to make it for her. I could tell it was them because of their hands, sleeves, and voices.

There was also a scene in the dream where I was by the ocean. It was low-tide so the rocks were showing and we could climb them. The bay was like Hope Bay but it wasn't actually Hope Bay. The boys were ordering the girls to do "dangerous" things. A couple of my old high school colleagues were there too, Caitlin and Brandon. One of the dares was for us to stand at the highest point of a rock. I did for a second and had to step down because I started to feel woozy/like I was going to fall.

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