Monday, 12 May 2014

May 8-9, 2014

  1. There's a guy inside Costco selling hot dogs and Doritos, independent from the Food Court, near the meat fridges. I buy Doritos except the guy skimps on my bag.
  2. I go for a walk with my mom, my sister, some guy, and my dog around the block, but it looks different from normal: everything's bigger.
  3. I go into a hallway that looks like a dorm but narrower. The doors are also only on one side of the hall. There are two doors to each room: one entrance for the adults and one for the kids. The doors face each other and in the space between the doors stands plastic shelving/drawer units, each with a name/label and corresponding objects. One of the shelves I pass has a drawer labeled Tom Hardy. Faith and I get to the end of the hall, open the door that looked like a fire escape but an alarm doesn't go off. When we turn around, we see our mom with a real estate agent or something, who closed the door separating a certain number of doors. We start going through the doors the agent closes to get out, but the rooms attached to the hall are no longer bedrooms: they're classrooms. We go into one of them because a friend of mine, Chelsey, and her boyfriend, named William apparently, have a class in one of them. We decide to go in and say hi. When we walked in, one of the students thought Faith was Will. Anyway, the prof was handing back exams, and for some reason, Faith and I got the boyfriend's exam. We had helped him study, so I guess the prof thought it would be ok if we looked at it. He did decently. For one answer, Will put down my name and got 100%, which I thought was interesting and flattering. Some time passed while we were looking at the exam, and then Chelsey came in, jokingly asking us if we decided to take the class. I think William eventually came to class and we left, but I'm not sure.

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