Monday, 12 May 2014

May 9-10, 2014

I'm shopping with my friend, Lisa. Afterwards, we go to a candy store for ice cream, which is still in the mall we're shopping at. The mall turns into either a church or a school...The next day, I realize I didn't get my ice cream, so I go back to get it. There are events going on at the church/school though: graduations, plays, banquets, etc. When I get to the room where I had ordered my ice cream, a bunch of Kamloops camp people (Nat, Mixon and Rachel with others from their youth group, many of them being extremely good looking guys) are there, eating dinner. Apparently it was a special occasion. So, I try and cross the room to get to the kitchen, except there's zero gravity.
I remember that I was wearing a dress, and trying very hard not to let the dress float up to expose my crotch area, but I also remember not caring much. I also remember that the people sitting at the table were not floating. So it was just zero gravity for me?

And that's it.

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