Monday, 12 May 2014

May 6-7, 2014

  1. I was with these girls from high school: Danielle, Daniela, Kyla, Nadia, and Marisa (I think). We were BFFLs, and we were giving one girl in the group something we owned as a token of our everlasting friendship (cheesy, I know). The tokens were on our persons and they were small, like hair clips. I didn't have anything small on me though, so I took off one of the two bracelets I wear and don't usually ever take off. Daniela wanted it the most, but she already got something from someone, so I gave my bracelet to Danielle. Daniela got mad and stormed off. We finished giving and receiving and ran after her. I was the last one out of the room. 
    (This is where my notes taper off/the dream gets weird/turns into a second dream.)
  2. My house was under construction. In the entrance foyer, a man was painting the walls white. Kyla was training 2 puppies. (Don't know where that sentence comes from...) We (who's we??) were messing around until we bumped into a guy (someone's brother?) who was washing the doorway with a hose. The guy gets me wet with the hose and then turns the hose on his two other brothers. They thought it was me who got them wet so they start after me, into the house: I'm leaning on the front door though, so when I turn the door's knob, we fall through the doorway. They fell on top of me and tickled me, when I woke up.

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