Wednesday, 21 May 2014

May 18-19, 2014

Either everyone was my roommate or they were just visiting because I was throwing a party (hah). Many people from my high school were there, people I didn't talk to: Troy, Brandon S., and more. They were hanging out in the kitchen of my apartment (which looked like the kitchen in my house right now, but the dimensions were different) and the guys were emptying the fridge. At one point, I found myself in the lobby of the apartment, which had a food court attached to it. Someone I did hang out with regularly during high school, her name is Rosie, texted me saying that Brandon wasn't feeling well and that he wanted a popsicle. As I was looking for a popsicle for my friend, I realized everything was *really* expensive in this food court: the popsicles ranged from $3 to $8. Then, I got a call from Rosie telling me to buy some food for Brandon too, something hearty and healthy. I forgot about the popsicle (because it would have melted if I had bought it then) and went deeper into the food court. There was mostly Asian food places in the court, so I settled on Chinese. Went to a place that looked like Manchu Wok, but wasn't, so I walked over to the busiest stall. The menu was all in Chinese, so I watched the people in front of me attentively to see/hear what they ordered...and I didn't understand. By the time I got to the register, I was nervous, but the woman was very patient and nice. The people behind me weren't impatient either, which was surprising. The only other thing I remember was Rosie getting mad at Sam and Brooke (two other girls from our high school) because they got a picture with a camera shy Canuck player, and the only reason they got the picture was because they were really hot/could put out.

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