Saturday, 2 March 2013

March 1-2, 2013

I found myself in an old, run-down house. My sister, her name is Faith, and I were living there, except that it wasn't us: our appearance was different. I think we're just walking around the house, tidying up, going inside and outside because it's a nice day. Before I continue, the dream had to do with dementia...This tall blond guy walks into the house, and we're not scared. I think we were expecting him; maybe he had dementia...We talk to the guy, still tidying up the house, walking inside to outside, back inside, and so on, but we're focused on talking to him. I can't remember what we were talking about, but we were just walking and talking. We had a mini piano in the house, and Faith brought it outside to play, since it was nice and sunny. The guy asks us what other instruments she plays, and she tells him. He then asks me what I play for instruments, and I told him that I didn't play anymore. I started walking away as I was telling him this, going to the kitchen. He followed me and was frustrated, and I didn't know why, something to do with the fact I didn't play instruments...(I was also confused in my dream as to why he was upset.) The kitchen was on a balcony/deck, and when the wind blew, it came made it's way into the kitchen. I stood with my hands on the rail, waiting for the wind, and it came. It was a nice cool but not chilling breeze. I was looking at the leaves rustling in the wind when closed my eyes and breathed in, happy. When I turned around, I wasn't at our home anymore: it was a different house that belonged to a family of four girls and their two parents. I can't remember which one of the family had dementia, but someone did. I think it was the mom, and she wasn't in the house at the time...Anyway, they were miserable: their faces were gloomy and they didn't talk. Two of the girls were Asian, the other two were Caucasian; their parents were Caucasian, so I'm guessing they adopted two girls at a young age. (One of the girls is one of my classmates at the moment, in my French 217 class. Her name is Ashley. And the mom is an actress, from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief; she's the mom of Percy.) While I was there (I don't think Faith was with me), they tried to not bring up the mental health issue that was affecting their lives at the moment. I guess we had lunch or something, because I wanted to do the dishes that were in the sink. I did them, and saw a little framed picture of their family on the left side of the sink. In the picture, the mom was in the front middle, two daughters on her right side, one behind her, her husband behind another daughter that was sitting on the mom's left side. They were all smiling and happy; it seemed like a moment picture. The dad saw me looking at the picture and asked what I was doing; he also seemed upset. I replied that I was looking at the picture, and he got even more mad and sad, but he didn't say anything. I said that I was sorry this happened to them, walking away from the sink. He seemed sad when I said this. Then the mom came out of nowhere and said it was alright, and started to set the table. She said that they were coping as she was going around the dining room, preparing for a gathering at their home, or something.

And that's all I remember. I did make a note here that there was a lot of detail stuff I missed, as always.

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