Friday, 8 March 2013

March 6-7, 2013

Ok guys, so this dream...I don't remember at all.
I only remember that I felt scared, and I had tears in my eyes when I woke up.
It was still dark when I got up from the dream too, so I didn't take notes about it, since there wasn't enough light to see. I also told myself I didn't want to remember the dream, because it was so scary.

I told my sister, today, March 8th, that it was about a kid, younger than us, who was going around murdering people, and everyone else in the world couldn't guess it was him.
And now I just realized that this sounds a little like my previous dream post, but it was definitely a different kid. I think in my NCIS dream, the kid was one of those wannabe gangster types, trying to act all tough, but kinda clean cut (his hair was brown, cut short and gelled). He might've been around 10 or 11. In this dream, the kid was younger...maybe 8 or 9, and he had long, curly blond hair.

I think my dreams are becoming more disturbing these days. Let's pray it doesn't continue the next few nights.

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