Wednesday, 20 March 2013

March 16-17, 2013

I'm at Hope Bay.

I think I've told you guys about this place before, and it's been the setting of my dreams before...Or maybe I haven't. Anyway, I definitely mentioned it in one of my 50 facts post on my regular blog ( And maybe later in the future, I'll go into more detail about the connection I have with the place on that blog, but right now, let's get back to the dream.

It was during one of the summer camps, and we all went on a hike, including myself, I was a cabin leader for the girls. When we got back to the camp, we found that dinner wasn't set up. Usually, the kitchen staff set up the tables with glasses and juice and/or water jugs, but there weren't any out. No one was in the kitchen either: no cook and no kitchen staff. Everyone just started to sit down at their cabin tables and talk. Then, for some reason, a few people started bringing out juice jugs from the kitchen, but that was it. Also, continuity error: where did the people come from?? Anyway, I looked around, frustrated, and put it upon myself to set up the tables. I filled up water jugs, bringing them to the tables, as well as plates and salad. I got even more angry because while I was doing this, campers and staff were calling out my name for stuff they needed. They, especially the staff, could've stood up and gotten the stuff themselves, but they didn't. While I was still putting things on tables, people were getting up to get food...and they came back to their tables with food. I was going back and forth from the kitchen, but didn't see any food on the sideboard, so this was confusing to me.
One more, probably insignificant detail for you but important for me, thing to say: the dish pit was set up different from how it actually is at camp. On one of the walls, where a whiteboard actually is, is where the "dirty dishes" counter and sprayer were. Then, the tap was right next to the disinfecting machine, when it should've been on the next wall.
The last thing I remember before waking up, was that one of the staff, Jordan, asked me for something when I dropped a plate of salad off at his table. I got mad and said I only had two hands, because I still had a jug of water and plates against my body to get to other tables. Bob and Sue, past director and cook, were sitting at his table, smiling at me.

So yeah, that was a strange one...Although I could see it happening.

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