Wednesday, 20 March 2013

March 17-18, 2013

I had two dreams...

  1. I don't remember this one at all, except that it was a dance/prom at a high school...Yup.
  2. I was at high school. I was in class when some Korean kids were tormenting non-Korean students. The me-self in the dream didn't know, but those Korean kids eventually killed the non-Korean students. I stood up for the kid that was being tormented, and told them that I was half Chinese, half Korean. The girl in the group didn't believe me though because I could understand what she was saying in Korean. (She was speaking in Korean before this, and after I said what ethnicities I was.) The group left, and a man from church came to see what happened. One of the Korean boys pulled out a CD of his pocket, and said that he believed in God, but when the man asks him what's his favourite Christian song, the boy backs away and runs, muttering that he hadn't had a chance to listen to the CD yet. The man sat next to the bullied kid, I'm on the other side of him, and I listen. I start to cry when I hear the kid telling his story with their bullying. I wake up, dry sobbing, because of the dream. [The only thing I got out of that was that I really don't like Koreans...which is kinda true?]

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