Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March 5-6, 2013

I had "two" dreams. I'm sure you've experienced something like it as well. Here we go.

(1) It was winter, and snow was everywhere. (It's a good chance that it wasn't the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.) Me and a few girls I didn't know were all bundled up to protect ourselves from the cold. We were making our way to a house in the middle of nowhere to talk about a WeTopia expansion pack. (WeTopia is a Facebook game that I am obsessed with. You should join it; while you play, you help people around the world, like Haiti and USA. Africa is soon to profit from the aid, so the game page says.) I was driving, and we parked the car in the city of Vancouver, under a highway. (If you know the Vancouver area, you should know what I'm talking about: the parking lot looked like the parking lot I parked in, but it wasn't exactly there.) Then we started to walk in the direction of the house, since you can't get to it by car apparently. We eventually got to the area: it was covered in snow, three really big houses side by side, encircling a pond, which was frozen. I guess the makers of the expansion pack had a really big family, the reason for so many houses. And the three other girls thought it'd be a good idea to walk on the pond, since the fastest way to get anywhere is to walk in a straight line to where you need to go. Logical, but I didn't agree. They started walking on the ice anyway, so for some reason, I had to follow. We walked on the ice, fairly quickly I might add, while I was freaking out in my head, and then went up to ring the doorbell of the middle house. A little girl answered the door, and when we asked for her dad, she said to come in and yelled for him. She went right back to her computer: geeky dad, geeky family, haha. Anyway, we asked about the expansion pack, got a quick answer, and then the creator wanted to accompany us back to my car. We said that'd be great. When we were getting ready to go out the door, the guy asked us if we crossed the pond. We said we had, and he reprimanded us for doing so since we could've fallen through the ice. We defended ourselves by saying that we were careful (when we weren't) and that it was fine, since we didn't break the ice. I think we were going to cross the ice again when the maker said that his car was in the garage. He drove it out, we piled in, and we made our way to the parking lot. He parked once we got close to the lot, and we walked around it to get to my car. There was something weird about this parking lot: I think it was that we could walk in between the cars when we first parked the car, but when coming back in, we needed to take the shortest possible walking distance to the car. In other words, we couldn't walk back to the car through the parking lot. I don't know why, but that's how it was. When we finally got closer to my car, the guy said that I parked smart, parking closer to the exit, and that he could've just driven up to the gate and dropped us off instead of walking us to it. After he says that, he continues on to say that now he needs to figure out how to get back to his car. Then, I see Alain MacBean (a past director at a camp I go to every summer). We exchange a few words, asking how we're doing and so on, while we line up to get into the parking lot. Yes, more niceties to get inside a place that keeps our cars. This is when the dream changed...Or some time passed and then I kept on dreaming.

But before I go on, I just want to say a couple things.
If you knew me, you'd know that I love the TV shows NCIS, and it's branch-off NCIS: LA. They're two of my favourite shows that I continue to watch. So imagine my surprise when the cast of NCIS filters its way into my dream...Hopefully you know the show too, otherwise you're going to get confused. I won't be doing multiple parentheses like I did we the first dream, sorry.

(2) Gibbs and the team get a call that there's a family who keeps getting kidnapped from and eventually killed, and they suspect the culprit is someone in the family. Now, the team doesn't know who in the family is doing it, but I, the dreamer, do. It's one of the younger sons, because before the team gets the call, I get a little "meanwhile" segment, and the son has an uncle or other male figure in a chair, tied up, and the kid is about to torch the guy. (I'm assuming that the male figure dies.) Anyway, the NCIS team goes to the family's house (which looks a lot like the houses from the first dream, the three houses and a pond, but is a little different: there's the main house, which is a mansion, and there are multiple garages around the house), gets to know them, and becomes their body guards in a sense. The next day is a Sunday, and the family goes to church. The team accompanies them, but near the beginning of the service, the dad realizes that someone is missing. (A few of the children actually.) The dad goes back home to get them, but he doesn't come back to the church. Gibbs gets suspicious, but they don't go back home until the service is ended. (I guess respect for religious people or whatever.) When they get home, the kids are fine, sitting around the television, eating, doing their thing, but they can't find the dad. NCIS starts searching the house, with the rest of the family all together in one room. The scene cuts to a garage: the dad is tied up and gagged to a chair, and the son is circling his dad and taunting him. After he finishes his ruse, the son is about to kill the dad (I don't know how) when the team crashes into the garage and interrupts his ceremony. The son runs, of course, and goes in the backyard, where there's a dirt racetrack, with junk cars inside and outside the track. Somehow, Fornell is added to the equation, and he joins in the chase. At one point, the son gets hold of a motorbike and starts riding the track. Director Vance comes along now on his 3-wheel blue motorcycle that fits three people. Gibbs hijacks the director's bike, invites 2 others to hop on, and takes off to stop the son. They go around the track a few times, in the opposite direction of the son, until Gibbs crashes into the son's motorbike, which is now a car. When they open the driver's side door, the son looks older, about 20 years old with black curly hair, and is unconscious. I wake up here.

I also made a note there was another dream in between the 2 I just wrote about, and I enjoyed that one too.

I hope you had fun reading. This one was a long one.

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