Wednesday, 20 March 2013

March 18-19, 2013

It seemed like I had different dreams, but they were just quick scene changes. Anyway, let's get into it.

Dad and I were going to meet Mom and my sister at Deer Lake in Burnaby. When we got there, it looked different: less gravel for the paths, more overgrown grass, and more hill-y. We eventually found them, closer to the lake, with our dog, Tori, trying to get her into the water. There was a bunker in one of the hills; we went inside to sit, cool down, and talk. Something was happening in the bunker though: men were coming out of nowhere, shouting, like we were at war. We decided to stand up and walk around the bunker, to see what else was inside the hill. While we were walking, the bunker changed into a ferry/cruise ship, the weirdest ship I ever saw. There was a cafeteria and dining tables on the top levels, the rooms/cabins were down in the lower levels. The cafeteria had everything, it looked like a Wonderful Buffet (the one in Bellingham, the only one I've ever been to) and an H-Mart/Asian supermarket mixed together. You could get stuff from the market through the cafe. Before I started exploring the cafe, my sister and I reserved a table for our family, on the top level, closest to the food. A waitress came up to us, saying that she'd keep an eye on the table for us. We thanked her and walked away. I started walking in between the aisles of the market, losing my sister somewhere (she probably walked off on her own adventure), and kept passing the liquid yogurt. (Asians, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. At least, I hope you do.) While I was walking, I noticed that the waitress was working all by herself; she was the only waitress on duty, and she wasn't that attractive. Another weird aspect: she was giving out bath/beach towels to the people dining, like they were their only napkins for the entire time. Anyway, at one point, I was wet, and naked. Don't ask me how because I don't remember. Maybe a lobster tank was involved, but I think I'm making that up. I didn't have a towel, but I wasn't self-conscious. I just covered my breasts and tried to find the closet the waitress went to for the towels. I did, semi-quickly, and dried and covered myself. Then, I went to find the rest of my family. I found my parents, on a lower level, and they said they were saving the table they were sitting at for the family. I told them that I had reserved a table also, and that it was closer to the food. They abandoned their table and started walking with me. All of a sudden, I saw Nat and his family walk into the room. We said hi and hung out together for a bit. At this point, the ship turned into a ferry, the Queen of Nanaimo to be exact, and we forgot about food. The ferry was nearing a berth, and someone in our group said we could wait a little longer to go back to our cars. I said they unload the cars almost right after docking so we should head down now. We were going down to the parking levels when we got lost in the parking lot...and I woke up.

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