Tuesday, 28 January 2014

December 7-8, 2013

I'm on a marine boat. Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy), Mark from the new panel of 1 Girl 5 Gays on MTV, and another person were with me. McKidd and the other guy were given ropes that held a sail (there was a lot of rope). Eventually it became too much so they had to let go. Problem was, the sail floated onto a submarine that had surfaced next to the boat. We couldn't stop our ship so we solemnly waved at the sailors of the sub. The captain/superior of our boat said that the sail had a lot of bacteria on it: if the submarine decided to pack it up somewhere on their vessel (taking up what limited space they already had), there'd be an outbreak.
For some reason, many of the crew blamed me for what happened: I became one of the two men holding the rope. At the next meal, I was the last in the mess hall, got my food in complete silence, and walked over to sit with my friends (the ones who didn't blame me). One of them said that I needed to fix the situation. I said he was right, so I picked up my food tray and sat with the guys who were angry with me. I had a lot of bread in my mouth, so I spoke with a full mouth when I asked the guys closest to me what their names were and what their job was on the boat. One was Josiah, another Tom, and this other kid wouldn't tell me his name, just that he was a schaffer (someone who communicated between non-English speaking civilians and the sailors). While he was talking, Josiah cleared the plates, scraping my food into a bowl. He was the cutest out of the three that introduced themselves to me.
 The last thing I remember was struggling against someone who was holding me.

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