Tuesday, 28 January 2014

October 20-21, 2013

  1. My friends, Kyla (elementary school), Tavneet (high school), Sarah (high school), another girl that I either didn't recognize or forgot, and myself were celebrating my birthday. One of the things that they set up was for the same number of guys (5) to show up at my house to be "interviewed" to see who would go out with who that night. Unfortunately, only 4 guys showed up, and I was the odd one out. However, one of the guys said they had a surprise for me...and that's when Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed up on my door step <3 (I love JGL, if you haven't realized (; )
  2. Something was stolen from my mom, and she was determined to get it back. She orchestrated this entire undercover thing at a mall in either Las Vegas, Nevada or Los Angeles, California to get the object back, and my dad, my sister, myself, and two of her most trusted friends were included in on this rescue mission. There was an elaborate plot to this one, and I have forgotten most of the details. There are a few things I remember, but I'm unsure as to where they fit in the story line. Anyway, there was main place we were stationed at, where all the information got brought back to, which was a Purdy's looking store, but with candy and more colourful (not just the purple and gold trademark hues of the chocolate shop). I believe both of my parents stayed in the store, posing as employees, or it was my mom and her friend, or just my dad. Everyone else was paired off: my sister and I, and my mom and her friend, or something of the like. The thing that happened with either of the pairs was that they went into the main staff room of the mall and looked through everything inside the room: the tables, chairs, magazines, CD player(s), bathroom because my mom had an inkling that her possession was in there somewhere. It was not, and since we had searched the entire room and probably disrupted many of the positions of the things in the room, we had to make sure that everything was in it's proper place ie. no magazine placed an inch different, no dust pile touched, etc. So, we had been careful, but apparently not careful enough: someone found us out while we were still in the room. We ran out of the staff room, out into the mall, across the main circle thing where you can see all the floors from, and inside an elevator. Now, the thing with elevators is that if you stand directly in front of the buttons, it looks like no one is in the elevator. That's what my sister and I (it turned into us all of a sudden) half-crouched behind the buttons to make it look like we didn't enter the contraption. We got away, and while we were in the elevator, we contacted our parents to say that we were caught and that security was probably on their way. We didn't hear anything back from our dad, so we assumed he was going to find a way out for us. My sister and I made exited the way we entered, where we were met with the sight of our dad, waving at us from a cop car. (He stole a freaking cop car...What.) We got into the back, and our mom got into the passenger seat. And we were off.
Twas a good two dreams :P

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