Tuesday, 28 January 2014

November 17-18, 2013

These notes are crazy weird, so bear with me. I'm just typing out what I see...it doesn't make any sense!

I'm in a room with my sister, Faith, and another pair of siblings, a brother and a sister. We play a game to see who can kill the most people with rifles. Faith and I win. We leave the room with the siblings, but the girl leaves us and the guy's two friends (older brothers?) join us. I tease and flirt with them, and then observe them all as they play basketball. [Faith dunks a few balls in the basket.] Eventually, the boys congregate towards me (it says "us" in my notes, although the sister had left...) to talk and flirt some more, becoming jokey and touchy, me thinking that it's harmless fun until they pull me up from my sitting position and tell us that we have to go. We walk around a mall (one I've dreamed of before) and eventually go into a bathroom. Faith goes out first, coming back in to tell me that they boys are back/have found us. I peek around the corner to see a big guy staring at where we're "hiding". (This is where things go a little strange, wording and context-wise.) Faith goes out first, in case she needed to protect me, but when we get closer, we realize they aren't the boys, even though they are at the back of the line to go pee; they didn't notice us. One of us walk through the many food courts, I see a couple of young hot male twins wearing the exact same outfit: red polo, khaki shorts, and a gold/silver watch. Faith and I get separated from the guys and we get on an elevator that services a helipad. When the elevator arrives, it comes with gurney, paramedics, etc on board. When we make the switch, them getting off and us getting on, one of the women shouts in passing that it's ok to go on the elevator but to just stay on. We didn't hear her but didn't have a choice of staying on or getting out because it wouldn't let us leave. Instead, helicopter attached itself to the elevator and transported us to what looked like Science World in Vancouver. We were met by tourists and curiousness, and the woman paramedic who told us to not leave the elevator. She said it was a prototype and that we were the first humans to experience it.

Yuup. Figure it out for yourself, people ;)

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