Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sometime in November...

Forgot to write a date at the top of the page -_-
And the dreams are short. Not much context written down as notes, so this'll be quick and painless...

  1. An NCIS episode, with me guest starring. Super cool. Got to walk around the set and everything. Don't remember what the story line though. Which is fine. Because I got to walk around the TV show set ^^
  2. I was going to an interview at a government agency, being interviewed by a woman. I take my dog, Tori, with me. She asks me about my YouTube channel. (youtube.com/bubbles7pjc, if y'all are interested. You shouldn't be, though. I rarely post stuff :\ )
  3. I go to bars that a friend's, Emma's, birthday hang outs are at. (Bar hopping. Awesome. Sure.)

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