Tuesday, 28 January 2014

October 26-27, 2013

  1. My family and I were in Italy with a family friend, who was a contestant on a reality cooking competition show. (By the way, I have no idea who this guy was. He's not actually a family friend, he was just perceived that way in the dream.) We were going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, and the guy made a scene once we arrived, because he was "famous" and he should have been able to get the best seat in the restaurant, which was *packed*. Since he behaved rudely, he got recognized by different people once we were seated...And then he wanted to be moved because people were annoying him. (What a diva.) Once we finally got settled down, a couple other people and their partners/families joined us at the table, because we were also meeting them, apparently. At the end of the meal, my dad had paid the bill but the two other friends were trying to figure out their portion of the cheque.
  2. I feel like there was another dream this day, something about a garage/auto repair shop and a chase, Fast and Furious type deal. Meh.
  3. I was in Bali or somewhere in India for a class trip or reality TV show. (I know, both possibilities so different.) Marisa, a friend, was unable to get to her hotel, so she sleeps in an [abandoned] store, which she cleans. I visit Marisa, because I'm worried about her situation, so I go and visit her. I take a taxi, and the driver sits in the back seat with me, driving...A family friend, Savita, and her kids close the store Marisa is in when I arrive. The door is unlocked/open, so I go in and investigate [with Savita?], only to find Marisa on a couch, covered by a blanket. (I believe she's awake.) I invite my friend to stay with me in my hotel room. (And this is where the reality TV show part comes in? I have no recollection at all of how this ties into the first part of this dream and/or the context of this next part.) Then, actors from the movie, The Perfect Game, join the teams: 3 actors on my team, 1 on the other. I struggled with remembering their names and what movie they were all from (in the dream), and they seemed to have forgotten also. (Weird since they are all friends.)
Something else may have happened in the last dream, but unsure.

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